'Flower of Evil' Episode 12: Hyun-soo's truth wins Ji-won and her senior over, but is his life really safe?

'Flower of Evil' Episode 12 comes after a long wait and it is worth it. We learn that Hee-seong is the true accomplice who had even tried to kill Hyun-soo after the accident

                            'Flower of Evil' Episode 12: Hyun-soo's truth wins Ji-won and her senior over, but is his life really safe?
Lee Joon-gi (tvN)

'Flower of Evil' Episode 12 begins with Baek Hee-seong's mother finding a box full of things that belongs to the victims. Things that Hee-seong kept as a keepsake which includes nails and other horrible things. In shock, she attempts to make sense of what she found but instead, she sees her son dig a grave for someone. When she walks out to confront him, he says he hit someone by accident and that victim happens to be Hyun-soo. He attempts to bury the unconscious Hyun-soo alive but is instead stabbed by his mother. It now seems as if this is the injury that caused Hee-seong's coma. However, despite learning that their son is a possible murder suspect, his parents bury the truth and even go to the extent of asking Hyun-soo to live as their son.

That is the beginning of the facade that the Baek family had been living all this while. Hyun-soo who was thankful to not be living as the son of a murderer, or as a wanted man himself accepts their proposition. However, considering how he has been searching for the accomplice, or how he had almost been killed on the orders of Hee-seong's father, Hyun-soo is not aware of how he had been so close to the accomplice all this while. In the present, Hee-seong's mother and father believe that Hyun-soo is being taken care of by the thug. They are hoping that he gets killed so that they can return their son's life back to him. What they do not know is that at that exact moment Hyun-soo was giving a statement to the police. He was ready to come clean but Ji-won's senior Jae-seop decides to not out her husband.

It looks like Jae-seop has come to the conclusion that it was indeed not Hyun-soo who had killed the village foreman but his sister. He attempts to get Hyun-soo to snitch on his sister, but that, of course, doesn't work and he continues to claim that he was the one to kill the man. At this same time, Hae-soo is informed that her brother's wife knows the truth about his identity so she tries to come clean about being the killer. However, Moo-jin attempts to stop her but she lashes out at him and tells him that he is also like the village foreman who had blamed Hyun-soo despite him being innocent.

A still of Hae-soo in 'Flower of Evil' episode 12. (tvN)

She explains to Moo-jin that she killed the village foreman because she was worried about the effect that the village had on him. The foreman had made Hyun-soo believe that he was in fact possessed and that he would also turn out just like his father. Hae-soo tells Moo-jin that the only person who had stayed humane until the end was her brother who was persecuted until the very end. So Hae-soo decides to turn herself in. She approaches Ji-won to tell her the truth but Ji-won stops her and tells her that she will always stand by her husband no matter what. She also tries to tell her that Hae-soo turning herself in would only make him regret leading his life with Ji-won and she doesn't want the same. This, of course, leaves Hae-soo extremely grateful because she is the first person to accept Hyun-soo and stand by his side.

While Ji-won protects her husband's sister, he is out, putting his life at risk to find the accomplice. He does so with Jae-seop's help. However, Ji-won is not aware of what Hyun-soo is up to. The episode really is a race against time and despite all the harsh reality that waits for Hyun-soo and Ji-won, the two of them spend some time together to tell each other only the truth. Hyun-soo reveals everything that he had ever lied to her about. He believes that what he is up to might lead to his end so he does everything he can with her. Between Hee-seong and his father, Hyun-soo's life is at great risk and we wonder how this will be solved because by the end of the episode even Ji-won also learns that someone is trying to hurt him.

Hae-soo also tells her brother about the lead that she had found and this also leads Hyun-soo to believe that the culprit could very well be Hee-seong's father when in reality the killer's accomplice is the man whose identity that Hyun-soo had taken. It is also clear from the end of the episode that Hee-seong is the same psychopath that he was all those years ago as he attacks the house help who attempts to blackmail him and his family, all in the presence of his mother. The same mother who has anxiety issues and had even stabbed him before. 

Ji-won and her colleagues in 'Flower of Evil' episode 12. (tvN)

All the claims of Hee-seong doing things at the beck and call of Min-seok is a lie because we see how much he thirsts for blood in just that one moment that he strangles the house help. The look of pure and unadulterated joy and satisfaction on his face is something that scares even his mother and when he tells her that he had no other way of protecting his mother, it is clear that Hee-seong is a human being who is beyond help at the moment. He is a cold-blooded killer who understood the consequences of his actions and was aware of how the house help would have held on to their weakness all their lives. What is horrifying is the kind of support that Hee-seong has from his mother and his father. Where is all of this headed? We cannot wait to watch out for more! 

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