'Flower of Evil' Episode 12 Promo: Ji-won puts Hyun-soo in handcuffs, will she be able to prove his innocence?

'Flower of Evil' Episode 12 will see if Ji-won's senior at work Jae-seop will arrest Hyun-soo or if he will come to realize his innocence and help Ji-won

                            'Flower of Evil' Episode 12 Promo: Ji-won puts Hyun-soo in handcuffs, will she be able to prove his innocence?
Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won (tvN)

The promo of Episode 12 of 'Flower of Evil' shows how the person to arrest Hyun-soo might not be his wife Ji-won's (Moon Chae-won) senior at work Jae-seop, but Ji-won herself. One of the scenes in the teaser video is of Ji-won telling Hyun-soo (Lee Joon-gi) that she will ensure that he is not punished for crimes that he did not commit, after which she puts the handcuffs on him. We also see Ji-won try hard to prove that Hyun-soo neither killed that village foreman nor did he help his father with the murders that he had committed while he was still alive. 

Instead of arresting Hyun-soo straight off, Jae-seop takes him to a cafe where he tries questioning him about the crimes that he was accused of committing. At this time, Ji-won decides to let the two of them be alone and she only hopes that Jae-seop is able to see through the prejudice. We also see Ji-won try not to blame Hyun-soo's sister Hae-soo for hiding behind her brother and letting him take the fall for a crime that she had committed. She struggles with this fact and even tells Hyun-soo how hard it is for her to not blame his sister. 

However, the fact that Ji-won held all of this in turns out to be a good decision because Hae-soo arrives at the police station just as she had told Moo-jin she would. She tells Ji-won that it is time for her to tell the truth about what happened to the village foreman just as she had promised Ji-won because the time is now right. If Hae-soo did not come forward, to tell the truth, there is no way for Ji-won or for Hyun-soo to prove his innocence, so by coming forward, she has helped the two of them. 

Ji-won's team in the meantime also learns about the discovery of human remains at a mountain with its left hand missing nails and this seems to somehow be connected to Do Min-seok and Hyun-soo.Could this be the remains of the last victim whose body was never recovered? The answer to this question is something that we need to wait for.

Also, Hee-seong's family is buried deep in the lies that they have spun to keep their quality life from being ruined. First, they hid their son who was in a coma and got a different boy to take over his identity and now that the son is awake, Hee-seong's father attempts to destroy Hyun-soo. Turns out the family also knows about real Hee-seong being Min-seok's accomplice and it is he who had visited Hae-soo at the funeral home. It is while Hyun-soo had tried to track down the accomplice with the help of reporter Moo-jin that he had confessed that Hee-seong was his alias. 

As everyone's life around him unravels, Hyun-soo has no other option but to do as his wife suggests to ensure that he is not accused of crimes that he hadn't committed. He also hopes that doing as Ji-won expects him to would let him remain in her life. 

'Flower of Evil' will air on tvN on Wednesday and Thursday at 10.50 pm KST and can be streamed on Viki Global. 

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