'Flower of Evil' Episode 11: Hyun-soo might be arrested by Jae-seop, but the real accomplice is Hee-seong

'Flower of Evil' Episode 11 makes the shocking revelation that Do Min-seok's real accomplice was Baek Hee-seong, not Hyun-soo. However, the only ones who know the truth is his family

                            'Flower of Evil' Episode 11: Hyun-soo might be arrested by Jae-seop, but  the real accomplice is Hee-seong
Moon Chae-won and Lee Joon-gi (tvN)

'Flower of Evil' Episode 11 began with the confrontation between Ji-won (Moon Chae-won) and her senior Jae-seop. Jae-seop tries to convince Ji-won that she is actually a victim of Hyun-soo (Lee Joon-gi) as well. He tells her that the serial killer's son took advantage of her. However, Ji-won tries to explain to Jae-seop that her husband is not a bad guy. She tries to tell him that she will prove Hyun-soo's innocence and that leaving him in the hands of other police will only result in Hyun-soo being treated with prejudice and hate. It is only recently that she herself became sure of the fact that her husband was not a killer. So she will need time to prove his innocence but Jae-seop is not interested in giving her time.

Ji-won with her senior Jae-seop in 'Flower of Evil' episode 11. (tvN)

With the recording of Hyun-soo confessing that he is not really Hee-seong, Jae-seop has enough proof to arrest him and that is exactly what he says he will be doing. Despite Ji-won getting down on her knees to convince him otherwise. In fact, he even wants Ji-won to stay out of the investigation but she doesn't listen to him and helps the cops nail the head of the gang that was involved in human trafficking and in supporting the accomplice who helped Hyun-soo's father in finding victims. Her aim is to prove that Hyun-soo was never his father's accomplice or the person who killed the village foreman. She knows that it was his sister Hae-soo who had killed the man, but at the moment she is not aware of the reason. Instead, she is more worried about ensuring that Hyun-soo has time to get away from her and Jae-seop.

Ji-won with the leader of the human trafficking ring in 'Flower of Evil' episode 11. (tvN)

So she arrives right on time to save Hyun-soo who was caught by the thug that he was dealing with as a mole. What is shocking is the fact that the thug has connections to Hee-seong's father Baek. It was he who had outed Hyun-soo as the police's mole. However, Hyun-soo is not aware of this. As he is dealing with all of this, his sister Hae-soo, in an attempt to track their father's accomplice, has found a way in which she believes Baek could be of help.

Without being aware of how he or his son Hee-seong might be involved in murders, she ends up visiting them at their home. She wants the list of all volunteers who got a wristband from their hospital during the time that the accomplice had come to see her at the funeral house. She remembers seeing the man wearing the band, and how his nails were short indicating that he had the habit of chewing on his nails while he got anxious. It is the same habit that the real Hee-seong has and the way his anxiety skyrockets when he hears Hae-soo leads us to believe quite strongly that he could very well be the accomplice.

A still of the real Hee-seong in 'Flower of Evil' episode 11. (tvN)

This speculation turned out to be true because we also see Hee-seong remember how he had made the threatening call to the witness all those years ago and how he had kidnapped the last victim. Hyun-soo has a long and hard way before proving his innocence. With the danger of Jae-seop arresting him hanging over his head, how will Hyun-soo get out of this mess of a situation? Will the remains of the last victim which have not been found yet turn out to be the key to prove his innocence?

There are also questions about why Hee-seong worked as Do Min-seok's accomplice, about how he ended up in a coma or why his parents got Hyun-soo to take over their son's identity and all of this will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. We will also see how Ji-won will help her husband in proving his innocence.

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