'Flower of Evil' Episode 10 hints at real Hee-seong being killer's accomplice, life Hyun-soo built in jeopardy

'Flower of Evil' Episode 10 races towards a chilling finish line with many shocking twists, the most surprising of which is the allusion to the real Hee-seong being Hyun-soo's father's accomplice

                            'Flower of Evil' Episode 10 hints at real Hee-seong being killer's accomplice, life Hyun-soo built in jeopardy
Lee Joon-gi as Hyun-soo (tvN)

'Flower of Evil' Episode 10 begins with drawing a parallel between two relationships. The one of Hyun-soo (Lee Joon-gi) and Ji-won (Moon Chae-won) and the other of Hae-soo and Moo-jin. Ji-won wavered in the last episode and in a moment of weakness, she had called Hyun-soo to tell him that she wanted to see him because she had missed him. She had then realized that he could be in trouble and had tried to help him too. However, he didn't need it in the first place. Instead, he got his hands on what could very well be a key piece of evidence in the accomplice case.

The relationship between Moo-jin and Hae-soo on the other hand is ridden with heartbreak. Moo-jin had abandoned Hae-soo when news of her father being a killer had released. Now, he attempts to tell her that he still has feelings for her, that she should live better and Hae-soo doesn't like this. Hae-soo also tells him that she is getting ready to confess the truth about how it was she who had killed the village foreman and not Hyun-soo. When he attempts to convince her not to, Hae-soo realizes that she might waver and so she calls Ji-won to tell her that it wasn't Hyun-soo who killed the village foreman. She doesn't reveal that it was her but just says that the truth will be revealed soon.

After hearing this, Ji-won realizes how Hyun-soo must've lived with no one to depend on and she also realizes that she cannot help her feelings for him. So she decides to just bulldoze her way through the investigation and that is when something unexpected happens.

The cops receive a call from Hyun-soo who claims to have information that would lead them to Do Min-seok's accomplice. Ji-won understands what is on the line for her and Hyun-soo if he goes ahead with the plan of cooperating with the cops. She tried to stop Hyun-soo without letting him know that she knows the truth, however, he tells her instead that he would like to become a good person to her and their daughter. So he sets a trap for the thugs who traffic humans, to lead the cops to the accomplice. While this is being planned, Hae-soo decides to use hypnotherapy to get a look at the accomplice in her memory.

It is at this point that we see the real Hee-seong speak about how he was supposed to meet a woman, and how if he had, all of their lives would have definitely changed. Making us wonder if the real Hee-seong could be the accomplice.

The episode also makes additional shocking revelations including Ji-won's senior finding out the truth about who Ji-won's husband really is and Hyun-soo getting suspicious about the possibility of Ji-won knowing the truth.

'Flower of Evil' will air on tvN on Wednesday and Thursday at 10.50 pm KST and can be streamed on Viki Global. 

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