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Hubby of Florida bartender assaulted by White supremacist proud of wife, won't judge attacker on 'one belief'

36-year-old Nicholas Arnold Schock was seen in a viral footage physically attacking Kisha Biche, a bartender at Pop's Sunset Grill
Nicholas Arnold Schock (Sarasota County Sheriff's Office)
Nicholas Arnold Schock (Sarasota County Sheriff's Office)

The husband of the waitress attacked by a self-proclaimed White supremacist in Florida restaurant said he was proud of his brave wife but reserved his judgment on the attacker, saying "I don’t know the whole story.” 36-year-old Nicholas Arnold Schock was seen in a viral footage physically attacking Kisha Biche, a bartender at Pop's Sunset Grill, and later entering the restaurant ranting about President Donald J. Trump while undressing in front of other diners

Tom Biche, in a talk with Palm Beach Post, said he’s upset that Schock struck her but he's at peace with “most of it.”
“I believe people can have whatever belief they want to have, whether I disagree or not,” he said. “People are people. That’s how I feel about things. Whether it’s political or nonpolitical, I can’t judge someone on one belief. “I haven’t had a chance to talk to him and find out what is going on, so until I know the whole story, I can’t pass judgment.
“And I don’t know the whole story.”

But here's the story so far, whith Schock being charged with profanity and tirade inside a restaurant causing embarrassment to guests and disturbing the peace of the place.

The Friday evening incident led to deputies said several staff members and diners provided written and verbal statements about what happened. Authorities responded to Pop's Sunset Grill after receiving reports of a disturbance. Upon arrival at the scene, they found a large group of people surrounding a smaller group of people who were holding Schock. They told authorities how he had entered the premises without a shirt, hurled profanities, and pulled down his trousers to expose parts of his groin area.


When Biche noticed him and tried to prevent him from entering the restaurant, Schock reportedly became even more violent and started hitting her. After sustaining a couple of swings, she reportedly lost consciousness and dropped on the floor. Another employee said Schock was screaming that he would "kill everyone in the establishment" and yelled comments about white supremacy and the Aryan brotherhood. According to the report, the restaurant was swarming with customers, including children. Shelly Troyer, one of the guests at the establishment, filmed the entire episode and uploaded it on social media Saturday, where it went viral and garnered more than a million views. Schock, who was successfully overpowered by some of the guests, was ultimately handed over to the police.

Police said Schock had become a threat to the guests as soon as he entered the establishment.  Authorities scoured through video footage of him landing punches at the waitress and found that, in his tirade, he had also mentioned he was carrying a gun. However, deputies did not recover any weapon at the restaurant.

Schock is also believed to have threatened to "butt f***" another witness who was standing nearby. Restaurant staff was unsuccessful in calming him down despite its best efforts. "I don't give a f***, call Donald Trump, please. I'm not going nowhere. I will butt-f**k this bitch on the table right now," he shouted. Kristen and Joe Farrell, who own Pop's Sunset Grill, described Schock as a "troubled" individual who "immediately began spewing erratic hate dialogue" upon entering the restaurant.

Authorities believe Schock is a White supremacist, especially after he was heard at the establishment yelling, "I'm a white supremacist. The Aryan nation will rule the world!"

"People covered in tattoos are going to be my closest relatives, I promise you," he added.

Considering, Schock has been charged with one count of battery and one count of disturbing the peace. He is currently remanded in custody at the Sarasota County Jail and is scheduled to be arraigned on August 24. Kisha, meanwhile, is suffering headaches, and because of the concussion, Tom continues to awaken her every two hours each night as she sleeps. The bruise on her hand had also transformed into a nasty bruise.