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Love rat Florida sheriff Gregory Tony was arrested for shooting and killing 18-year-old youth: Police report

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony's recollection of events from when he shot a young man as a teen are contradictory to newly surfaced police reports from 1993
UPDATED MAY 12, 2020
(Florida Sheriff's Association)
(Florida Sheriff's Association)

Florida sheriff Gregory Tony, who was photographed half-naked with several topless women recently, was arrested for shooting dead a teenager in Philadelphia when he was 14 years old, as per a 1993 police report that has now emerged. The reports have raised many questions over Tony's memory of the events. Tony is currently the Broward County Sheriff and is running for re-election. He had kept his dark past a hidden secret for around 27 years. 

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Tony had shot and killed Hector 'Chino' Rodriguez, 18, when he was 14. A police report that was obtained by the Miami Herald this week revealed some of the details surrounding the shooting. 

Many of the details seem to contradict Tony's stand on the sequence of events on that fateful day. The killing took place in 1993 and saw the death of Hector Rodriguez. Rodriguez was shot multiple times in the head and body. Maritza shared that she was told Hector was shot in the stomach first.

According to the report, the defendant, Gregory Scott-Toney, whose name is spelled differently now, had got into an argument with the victim on the day of the shooting. Tony had previously shared that he was not arrested for the shooting of Rodriguez given he was a minor. 

The report states otherwise and reveals that Tony had indeed been arrested on March 6 that year just a day after Rodriguez's death post a warrant that was issued for his arrest. The report also revealed that Tony had himself in. 

He had been held in jail as an adult for a week until the case was handed to juvenile court. He had his bond set at $15,000 and seven months later was found not guilty at trial. There is another key detail that stands out as contradictory to Tony's recollection of events as to where the incident took place, the Daily Mail reports.

Tony had said Rodriguez had pulled out a gun and had threatened him and his brother outside their home. Tony said he had been scared for his life and says he ran inside to get his father's gun and Rodriguez had followed him.

The sheriff claims he had shot Rodriguez inside the Tony family home. However, the report states that the scene of the homicide is outside of Tony's house and not inside it. However, officers did reveal that by the time they arrived at the scene, a severely injured Rodriguez had been rushed to the hospital. 

The sheriff is currently under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who is looking to see whether Tony had violated the law when he withheld the information on the shooting in his Coral Springs Police application where he had become a sergeant. 

Rodriguez's mother Norma, who is now 64 and lived a block away from the shooting scene, said, "I heard those shots. Someone said it was a gun. They killed your son! And I started running outside and found my son on the sidewalk in blood."

She revealed, "Hector scooched over in the fetal position, but standing and the guys that were there tried to help and tried to grab him and Greg pointed the gun and said ‘don’t touch him or I’ll shoot.’ They dispersed and he shot him four or five more times in the head."

We previously reported that the sheriff was seen half-naked in racy pictures where he was partying alongside his topless wife and other women wearing pasties. In the pictures, Tony was seen attending swinger parties in Miami and sporting some un-sheriff like poses. He was seen squeezing his wife's breasts in one of the images while another showed him smiling with a man between his legs with his wife on the other side. Tony believes that the leak of these private photos was the work of his political opponent Scott Israel.