Florida mom run down and killed by son’s ex, 2 pals and her new boyfriend who planned to ambush boy with church van

The new boyfriend mowed the 52-year-old mother using a van from the church where his father serves as a pastor

                            Florida mom run down and killed by son’s ex, 2 pals and her new boyfriend who planned to ambush boy with church van
Elijah Stansell, Raven Sutton, Hannah Eubanks, Kimberly Stone (Polk County Sheriff's Office)

A teenage boy's mother was run over and killed by a group of vengeful teenagers in Florida who reportedly fled the scene in a church van after pummelling the teen. The attack on the teen, Hunter Penton, was allegedly planned by his former girlfriend, 15-year-old Kimberly Stone, at his home on November 9 in Polk City. 

Stone, who separated from Penton six months ago and got into a relationship with 18-year-old Elijah Stansell, was reportedly suspended from school that day because she and Penton were arguing. The 15-year-old reportedly also threatened Penton. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, in a press conference on Tuesday, December 2, said: "After school, that day she was suspended, she gets with her best friend, Hannah Eubanks, and another by the name of Raven Sutton, they get with Elijah and he drives the van to Hunter Penton's house."

Stone allegedly guided Stansell to Penton's house. The 18-year-old reportedly took a van from the church where his father serves as a pastor. The gang arrived at Penton's house and ambushed him. Reports state that Stansell and another boy, identified as 16-year-old Sutton, beat up Penton while 14-year-old Eubanks filmed the attack. Shortly after Penton's mother, Suzette Penton, 52 — a school librarian — arrived at the scene and began chasing the teens outside. Suzette reportedly recorded videos and took pictures, which had intended to hand over to the police later. However, as she stood there taking pictures of the suspects, Stansell, who was driving the van, ran her over. The crime was recorded by a witness at the scene.

The witness, while calling 911, said: "I’m trying to stay back. I don’t know if these people have a gun. They just mowed that poor lady down." The mother was rushed to the hospital where she was in critical condition for three weeks and eventually died on November 30, Monday. The County Sheriff, in his statement, also said that Stansell plowed over Suzette with such force that there were "tire tracks on her body." Judd continued: "He didn't clip her—she was squared up and he ran over her. Directly over her. Rolled her underneath the van." Stansell had "every opportunity in the world not to run over this lady but he did," the sheriff said while commenting on the footage recorded by the witness of the incident.  “He used the church van that was intended for good, and used it for evil. He needs to go to prison,” he added.

Initially, all four teenagers were accused of attempted murder, however, Stansell now faces the charge and the other three — juveniles – have been turned over to an adult court. The Sheriff said: "What started out as a bunch of kids going to beat up a guy because he used to date Kimberly turned into a murder," Stansell "controlled and could have stopped the murder but he's the one, he’s the driver, that in the church van, ran over and killed this beautiful lady." All four teenagers are currently in jail, facing additional burglary charges. 

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