'Floribama Shore' Season 3 preview: Gus makes cast members wonder if he is still hung up on Nilsa

Gus and Nilsa shared a moment in Season 2 and everyone expected them to get together. Even though they didn't get to see that in the episode, the new preview hints there might be something brewing.

                            'Floribama Shore' Season 3 preview: Gus makes cast members wonder if he is still hung up on Nilsa

'Floribama Shore' is ready to rock the screens with season 3 and the cast members are all set to reunite and put on their crazy hats. In the latest season preview for the show, the audience got an inside look at what is going to go down in the house. One person that stood out, in particular, was Gus. 

Gus could not contain his excitement to show off his toned body as he did not take a second to remove his T-shirt and put his abs on display. However, fans wondered for whom was he showing off his body. In the previous season, the chemistry between Nilsa and Gus made the cast members and even the audience guess if a romance would brew between the two soon. 




However, things don't seem to add up now. Even though Nilsa did spend the night with Gus, that is, just slept on the same bed their relationship did not move any forward. However, looking at how Gus was behaving, many wondered if he still wanted to impress Nilsa. 

Aimee was quick to question why Gus was removing his shirt and if he was trying to impress Nilsa. Nilsa, on the other hand, seemed a little uncomfortable and confused about the status of her relationship with Gus. Even though it was clear that they were not together and Gus had a new woman in his life, Nilsa wondered if they were still good friends. 

"There are probably still some unresolved feelings," Nilsa said. "There was a time when I did wake up in his bed." While Gus has not hinted anything and has often mentioned his girlfriend, the cast members still wonder for how long can Gus remain faithful.

Meanwhile, fans are counting down days until they can start watching the show on repeat and looking at Gus and Nilsa's current relationship, it seems like there is more to their story than we last saw. 

'Floribama Shore' premieres on November 14 at 8 pm on MTV. 

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