When does 'Floribama Shore' air next and what to expect

When does 'Floribama Shore' air next and what to expect

'Floribama Shore' will not be aired this week as MTV has decided to run a marathon of its show, 'Ridiculousness', on account of Thanksgiving. To ensure that the fans are not left disappointed, MTV aired two back-to-back episodes last week and allowed the fans to soak in all the 'Floribama Shore' that they could.

However, the show will be back next week with an all-new episode. This meant that the cast will be back with their energy and drama. The upcoming episode, which will air on December 5, is titled 'Old Gussy's Back'. The summary states that Gus will be seen with different girls whom he later invites to the beach house.

Meanwhile, Nilsa and other roommates try to calm Kortni who has been irritated ever since she has fallen sick and was diagnosed with tonsils. But the biggest surprise of the episode will be Gus getting back in the game.

Since the third season of the show started, Gus had been open about his relationship with his girlfriend, Lisa Burns. Previously, Lisa had a problem with Gus as she was not happy that he wasn't there for her birthday. Even though Gus explained to her why he couldn't be there for her birthday she seemed to hint that she did not want to accept any idea. 

"You don't care about my birthday. You are just breaking my heart," she said. "You should get your priority straight." Lisa was also upset that Gus did not do anything special for her birthday and reminded him that for his birthday she had decorated her room to surprise him. 

Fans were quick to point out that the relationship was not yielding any positive outcome and it was in the best interest for both of them to head their separate ways. While their argument left the viewers hanging and uncertain about their relationship status, looking at the title of the next episode it looks like all is not good between the two and Gus is ready to go back to his old ways. 

'Floribama Shore' will be coming back on Thursday, December 5, on MTV at 8 pm.


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