Floribama Shore season 2 episode 12 review: An unexpected hook-up could lead to fireworks and totally change the house dynamics

Floribama Shore season 2 episode 12 features an unexpected hookup which could lead to major fireworks - either good or bad, only time will tell!

                            Floribama Shore season 2 episode 12 review: An unexpected hook-up could lead to fireworks and totally change the house dynamics

MTV's 'Floribama Shore' episode 12 picks up right where 11 left off with Aimee super excited about becoming a certified mermaid. The ladies are on their girls-only vacation and are very supportive of Aimee's lifelong dream to become a mermaid and arrive at the 'Weeki Wachee Mermaid Center'. 

Aimee, Kortni, Candace, and Nilsa take viewers into the land of mermaids where they even get to watch a mermaid show. Clearly, all the past drama between Aimee and Nilsa seems to be over and everyone is getting along. When Aimee finally takes the plunge into the pool and shows off her mermaid skills, even viewers won't be able to resist smiling at the strange but delightful affair as the girls cheer her on.


Kortni shared that she felt just like a parent and you don't care whether your child is good or bad at something, all you want them to know is that they are doing a good job, referring to Aimee being a mermaid. 

Back in the house, the boys are continuing with their 'boys weekend' and despite an emotional night where Gus has a heart-to-heart with Kirk and Codi, the boys are ready to hit the gym. While Gus is used to the 'work hard play hard' motto, Kirk and Codi are still adjusting to it (Codi is still failing). Codi is still visibly drunk. At the gym, he is all over the place and is really not in the mood to take anything seriously while Gus tries hard to work out.

The girls are due to get back that night and in a nice and thoughtful gesture, the boys decide to make the girls dinner and margaritas after their girls trip only to be pranked by the girls. The girls do the classic ringing a bell and driving away around three times before stopping and are dubbed as the "ding-dong ditchers" by the boys who join in on the harmless fun. That's the nice thing about this group, they really know how to 'live and let live' given all the things which are swept up under the carpet to be forgotten and moved on from. 

While everyone is happy and mushy, the boys reveal to Kortni about Logan's bizarre and scary present to her which he had dropped by the night before at around 3 am. As the gang helps Kortni look through all her fan mail from Logan, they find a song that he had written for her. After a failed attempt to read the rap with a straight face, Kortni is asked to read it as a rap which is what the song was intended for. 

Kortni passes the note to Candace who accompanies a beat by Kirk to rap out the contents of Logan's psycho letter. In a moment that will slightly disappoint viewers, Kortni contemplates about Logan and shares that she actually feels bad for him only to be shushed and reasoned with by her housemates. Eventually, viewers and the crew know that Kortni will do exactly what she sees fit and so after giving her some advice, they decide to leave her to her own devices.

All jokes aside, Logan's stalker-ish behavior has reached an all-time peak and everyone is deeply disturbed by his persistence. As much as everyone tried to give Kortni some advice, viewers, as well as the crew, know that she will do what she pleases (fingers crossed that she does not return to Logan). 

As much as Gus is effecting Codi's workout and making him exercise, Codi is definitely having an effect on Gus and after what they call a "prison workout", the pair start to knock back some beers. They are joined by the rest of their housemates after the workday and everyone is hammered (surprise surprise). Gus is seen hitting on some other girls when Nilsa decides that she has seen enough and swoops in to claim her man.


With their sexual tension reaching the roof, Nilsa and Gus are seen hand in hand sharing a very special and drunk moment which excites all the housemates. To everyone's surprise, the pair starts making out leaving the whole house rejoicing! In a hilarious 'ROFL' moment, Aimee describes the way Kortni is eyeing Gus like a tigress ready to pounce on her prey and viewers will be expecting to see some action later on in the night. The pair also makes out all the way home in the cab but a very drunk Gus ends up sleeping in his own bed disappointing Nilsa and the viewers in a very anti-climatic night. 

Everyone - viewers and the crew alike - are waiting to see Nilsa finally land Gus but it looks like Gus is not ready for any sort of commitment and says so himself. Even with Kortni whacking him with a pillow urging him to join Nilsa, it is just not helping the situation. Given all the drama before, no one would have anticipated all the love and mush and now hook-ups. All the rest of the crew is hoping for is that no matter what happens, the house dynamic should remain the same. 

The next day brings some awkwardness for Nilsa and Gus who maturely reach the conclusion that whatever they are doing is just for fun and it does not have to complicate anything. Even with their adult-like communication and conversation, viewers can't help but feel like jumping into the TV and shaking the pair up telling them to open their eyes and see what is in front of them. 

With another upcoming heavy drinking night, the crew is ready to party again (really takes some skill to party like this) and this time the most drunk is Kortni. Well, who can blame her, given all the stress of her psychotic ex she really needed to drink her problems away. However, in a rather questionable show of affection, she is seen giving Gus a lap dance right in front of Nilsa who really does not look pleased. 


Once the crew gets home, a very drunk Kortni is like a "giant drunk giraffe" as Kirk says and it is impossible to control her. It is as though she needs an exorcism to get out of her drunken stupor. Finally, she is carried up to bed by Gus who also decides to crash in what looks to be another anti-climatic night for Nilsa and Gus. Just as viewers are preparing for the end of the episode, Nilsa decides to act on her feelings and asks Gus to snuggle with her and to everyone's surprise he agrees. As the two get intimate and close, the episode ends leaving viewers wondering what morning will bring. 

The next Floribama Shore episode looks like the drama will explode! Jeremiah, who is away due to his grandfather's passing, returns to the house and viewers get to know a secret about Candace's "boo thang" GatorJay231. In a shocking turn of events, Aimee is seen charging at what seems to be Gus ready to slap him. With all the love and peace in episode 12, episode 13 looks like it will be quite the opposite!


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