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'Floribama Shore': Gus Smyrnios drops a shocker, admits he's trying best not to flirt

Gus is in a committed relationship at present but because of his flirty nature, he needs to be on the lookout.
Gus Smyrnios on 'Floribama Shore' (MTV)
Gus Smyrnios on 'Floribama Shore' (MTV)

We all love some drama on TV, be it of any kind and 'Floribama Shore' does ideal justice to every aspect of petty fights, trash talk, relationship and friendship drama and so much more!

The latest episode stars our favorites Gus Smyrnios, Codi Butts, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Jeremiah Buoni, Candace Rice, and a bunch of Kirk's friends. Nilsa Prowant is back home with her husband for a few days, since the gang is out in the woods to throw this party and a very pregnant Nilsa doesn't want to take chances on this one!


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On the episode that aired on November 11, 2021, the gang plans out a Yardi Gras party, complete with a water slide and everything. Candace also gets necklace beads for everyone to turn up the celebration a notch. What's more, Kirk invites a bunch of his friends so it's a real party.

What we already know is that Gus is in a much better place, in almost every aspect, at present. He is currently in a happy and in a committed relationship as well. Having said that, here's the unexpected. He tells both himself and the boys that he needs to be on his best behavior and try his maximum to not flirt with Kirk's lady friends. Gus backs this statement up by adding that being flirtatious is a part of who he is and more often than not, he is flirty by nature, and he needs to control this habit of his, especially now. 

Kirk, Codi, and Jeremiah hear him out and agree to everything he says, saying they know what he is like as a person and that they understand where he's coming from. Now, for the moment of irony! We can't blame the ladies on this one but all of them have their eyes on the man, Gus, himself! First off, Gus is easy to talk to. In addition, he is also a really fun guy, with an added bonus being his godly looks, complete with his physique and tattoos.

Contrary to popular practice in these scenarios, will the girls make the first move or will Gus keep to himself and be a good boy? Stay tuned to find out!

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