'Floribama Shore' season 2: A great potential couple on the horizon, ever seen the way Nilsa looks at Gus?

On 'Floribama Shore' season 2, the drama and drunken escapades have been endless; only time will tell if the relation-ships will sail or sink.

                            'Floribama Shore' season 2: A great potential couple on the horizon, ever seen the way Nilsa looks at Gus?

With the cast of MTV's the very popular 'Jersey Shore' spin-off,  'Floribama Shore' returning for season 2, the drama and drunken escapades have been endless! Given the last couple of episodes of the show, there seem to be a lot of potential couples on the horizon and only time will tell if the ships will sail or sink. 

In the more recent episodes of 'Floribama Shore,' viewers may or may not have noticed that Nilsa really likes Gus. It is hard to ignore that way she looks at him and don't me wrong, she definitely feels it too. During one of their usual drinking nights, Nilsa, who is on a manhunt, to her disappointment does not find anyone that she thinks is suitable for her; until she spots Gus in a corner.


Well, it is quite evident that she plans to strike a conversation with Gus, who even though he admits that he would not go down this road sober, is more than happy to oblige Nilsa. Even though Gus tries hard to justify that it was just the drinks and that he was not thinking through his decisions. However, here's the thing, Nilsa may actually like Gus even without the drinks. It is quite possible that Gus may soon realize that the two do have some sort of chemistry. 

The last episode of 'Floribama Shore' also more or less confirms Nilsa's secret feelings for Gus. While the rest of the 'Floribama Shore' crew is enjoying dancing the night away, Nilsa is the only one who is on a different frequency. Viewers witness a slightly upset Nilsa, painfully looking at Gus, who sometimes gives her attention and then suddenly does not and then has his hands all over another woman. 

Nilsa and Gus could actually make a great pair, and it would be rather interesting to see these two together. Given Nilsa's quirky and wild personality mixed with Gus' mature (at least that is the idea we get) and determined one, the couple could definitely fit together. Should she choose to act on her secret feelings for Gus, there is no guarantee that it will last, but they will make one heck of a 'fit' couple especially with Gus' being a health freak and Nilsa's occasional tantrums.  

Seems like there is a pattern in the house where 'girl likes boy, but boy does not and then, boy likes girl, but flirts with other girls,' and an infinite number of complicated permutation-combinations of that equation goes around. Another potential couple on the horizon seems to be Kortni and Jeremiah, and the last episode of the show leaves its viewers with several unanswered questions.



Kortni's destructive and stressful relationship with her former flame Logan seems to have ended (thank God) and she takes the first step by admitting to Gus that she is attracted to Jeremiah. The crew and the viewers both can sense some serious attraction between the two especially given how protective and caring Jeremiah was to Kortni as she dealt with a massive pregnancy scare. It seems to be a matter of time before Kortni will open that door (wonder how Logan will deal with that) and will act upon her recent admission of feelings for Jeremiah. 

According to TooFab, cast members Candace and Jeremiah revealed a few secrets regarding the shocking hookups that season 2 will bring. They were asked about whether fans and viewers could expect some unexpected and surprising hookups on this upcoming season, to which both Candace and Jeremiah replied in affirmation. "Oh, definitely!" Candace went on to add without hesitation. "Mhmmm. Oh yeah, like make ya wig fall."



Guess, viewers certainly have some major twists, and turns to look forward to!

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