'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 9 review: Kortni's pregnancy truth revealed as a new, unexpected romance takes shape

Not even a pregnancy scare can stop this unexpected and blossoming romance. It is only a matter of time before we see some fireworks!

                             'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 9 review: Kortni's pregnancy truth revealed as a new, unexpected romance takes shape

Episode 9 of MTV's 'Floribama Shore' dives into Kortni's series of misfortunes - including a possible pregnancy by her psychotic former flame Logan, who continues to exhibit some very concerning behavior. The crew is noticeably concerned for Kortni's wellbeing, especially given how stressed out she has been. Kortni has her mother come down to visit her so she can get some comfort and advise. Both are adamant about not telling Logan about the pregnancy scare (good call on that!). Kortni's mother's violent maternal instincts come out when she openly threatens to tie Logan to a tree and let bears eat him if he ever hurts Kortni. To the viewer's delight and relief, Kortni makes the decision to never see Logan again and affirm that whatever they had is now over.


Amidst the baby drama storm hitting full force, everyone in the house is excited at Aimee's return after she was quarantined with bronchitis. In a total facepalm moment, the crew sweetly decides to make Aimee a welcome home card but unfortunately, none of them can spell the word 'disease' and struggle with their atrocious spelling skills. The Candace and Kortni drama continues and looks as though there is no chance of compromise between them. However, despite the awkward vibes between the two, Kortni, Candace, and Codi head off to do their job and get through the workday like responsible adults.

Back in the house, the Logan crisis goes overboard and it looks like everyone is absolutely fed up. But who can blame them? Given all of Logan's random and unannounced visits, everyone in the house is beginning to lose their patience and finally, it is Nilsa who delivers exactly what everyone watching the show wants to tell Logan - "Quit calling, you are NOT welcome here."

As Kortni struggles with the fear of being pregnant and her crazy emotions, the crew spends time chilling on the beach and there is some undeniable chemistry between Kortni and Jeremiah even though they say they are "bros" (yeah, right). 


Kortni and Jeremiah even talk about the one time they went on a 'date' and yes, their tiny bit of flirting will leave viewers hoping that Jeremiah will be Kortni's knight in shining armor. As is routine for the crew, they go clubbing to have a good time and everyone seems to be enjoying the night, except Nilsa. Viewers witness a slightly upset Nilsa, painfully looking at Gus, who sometimes gives her attention and then suddenly does not and then has his hands all over another woman. 

Seems like there is a pattern in the house where 'girl likes boy, but boy does not and then, boy likes girl, but flirts with other girls' and an infinite number of complicated permutation-combinations of that equation goes on.

Nilsa tries to convince everyone that she is totally okay, but who is she kidding? Emotions don't lie and certainly not when you are intoxicated! Speaking of being intoxicated or just toxic, Logan pops up behind Kortni, who completely freaks out and opts to leave the club with Gus and Jeremiah at her side. Kortni gets into the cab with Jeremiah and his date for the night (complicated equations) and has a complete meltdown about Logan's stalker-like freaky behavior. You may find yourself sympathizing for the young woman who was blindly and foolishly guided by love. 


The show sort of takes a horror movie-ish turn when the crew gets back home and the phone starts to ring, with everyone expecting it to be Logan, but it turns out to be just Candace's 'boo thang' GatorJay231. The Candace and Kortni drama starts to engulf other members of the house with Kirk feeling bad that the two 'bffs' are no longer together. In the process of trying to stand up for Candace, he gets shut down by Jeremiah and Kortni. In a twist of fate, Codi's snoring ruins Jeremiah's night and he eventually has to get his date a cab to leave while the crew is fast asleep, preparing for the fresh drama the next day will bring. The day begins in suspense and it is the moment of truth for Kortni who goes to the doctor to finally get answers on her suspected pregnancy.

Clearly, the crew and the viewers have a hard time dealing with the suspense and Aimee, Candace, and Codi decide to go to the zoo to kill time. When the moment of truth arrives, Kortni sits everyone down and tries to beat around the bush only to be called out. She solemnly reveals that she is pregnant and everyone is in shock. She attempts to hold it in as long as she can but finally bursts out laughing and says she was only joking and, luckily not pregnant. The crew decides to celebrate her news and goes 'day drinking' which they believe is a lot more fun than 'night drinking'. This is the one nice fact about this friend circle - that they truly seem to believe they can drink all their problems away. 

A new and unexpected romance seems to be on the horizon and Kortni takes the first step by admitting to Gus that she is attracted to Jeremiah. Everyone on the crew can sense the simmering attraction between the two and it is only a matter of time before, Kortni opens that door (wonder how Logan will deal with that). In a surprising turn of events, Kortni attempts to make peace with Candace (through a shot of alcohol). It seems like her gesture pays off and the feud has been defused (for now). 

What viewers can look forward to is an explosion of fights and drama with the once-loving and slightly intoxicated crew sniping away at one another. All we know is that it is going to bring a lot of tears, so grab some tissues because looks like you are going to need it!

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