Floribama Shore season 2 episode 8 review: Kortni gets stressed by massive pregnancy scare as Logan continues to act difficult

Along with the Kortni and Logan drama there is more from Candace's corner as a mysterious phone call causes her and GatorJay to get into a fight.

                            Floribama Shore season 2 episode 8 review: Kortni gets stressed by massive pregnancy scare as Logan continues to act difficult

Episode 8 of MTV's 'Floribama Shore' kicks off with the Kortni-Logan dysfunctional relationship drama at an all-time high. In more relationship drama, Candace her boyfriend GatorJay231SouthsideGod have a massive disagreement over a late night phone call that she receives. While Candace and GatorJay are cuddling together in bed, a drunk Nilsa comes into the room and whispers the news of the phone call into Candace's ear only making the phone call by an unknown male even more suspicious. The phone call results in Candace and GatorJay getting into a heated argument as an oblivious Nilsa continues to enjoy her high. However, the pair manages to work their problems out as Candace hesitantly shares that she is now in a relationship. 

We then get to see a rather noteworthy and rare glimpse of responsibility; Gus, Codi, and Aimee head off to work despite Aimee being visibly sick. As Aimee busts her butt and gets through a busy day, Kortni is seen feeling a bit under the weather as well. While attempting to make an appointment with the gynecologist, Kortni is required to take a pregnancy test which is the beginning of a whole new drama and complications. The test shows a faint line which means positive but Kortni is not too sure. She is sure of one thing though and that is to not tell her boyfriend Logan. As she grapples with the magnitude of the situation, Kortni chooses to take Aimee to the doctor as Aimee believes she got the flu from Kortni who was sick earlier which results in Aimee having to be quarantined and shifted to another house to recover. 

However, in an unflattering display of friendship and caring, a sick Aimee is left alone while the rest of the crew goes out partying. Slowly, Kortni shares the scary news of her possible pregnancy with Jeremiah and Codi who are worried that Kortni cannot take care of herself let alone another life. Drama (aka Logan) seems to be following Kortni wherever she goes and despite not being invited, Logan shows up at the bar where the crew is chilling. Viewers may find themselves sympathizing with Kortni has she tries to figure out what to do without letting herself get stressed out. However, given Logan's random showing up, she is far from at peace and starts to get very annoyed at his irresponsible and drunk behavior especially since she had asked him to come sober. Logan is not the only one who is wasted and Kirk joins the game getting so sloshed that he pukes and gets everyone thrown out of the bar. 

More happenings from the bar continue to add to the flavor of the day as in a rather funny yet sad turn of events, Nilsa is on a manhunt (literally) and in the end, decides that she would rather chat up Gus who was very willing to flirt. As he justifies it, he was just drunk and was not about to think through his decisions. Jeremiah, on the other hand, seems to be having some better luck with the ladies and brings home a date who to his delight is also not looking at being committed. 

Things are not going too well for the people who are committed and even though Kortni had specifically told Logan to leave her alone, he shows up at the house unannounced and angry. Kortni resorts to telling her mother about her stress and then viewers discover that Kortni had gone through a miscarriage before and was determined not to let the stress get to her this time around should her pregnancy be confirmed. 

While she is taking the pregnancy test with her friend, Nilsa, and Candace for support, Logan pops up, scaring Kortni who is determined not to let Logan find out. Being a good friend, Jeremiah stands guard as Kortni and Logan talk and shares that he will not hold back from intervening if necessary. The conversation does not end well and Logan storms out of the house as the rest of the crew insists that he should treat Kortni with some respect. This has been a recurring theme since the start of Kortni and Logan's relationship. 

Viewers will able to see how the dysfunctional relationship is taking a huge toll on a vulnerable Kortni and it looks like the next episode will be nothing short of dramatic and super emotional. Kortni makes the decision to never get back with Logan but who knows whether she will actually hold on to that. The rest of the crew is just as shocked at how Logan speaks to Kortni and Nilsa even tries to tell him that he really does not know what is going on.

The girls try to calm Kortni down and tell her that she should not be stressing but of course, poor Kortni can do nothing but. Kortni battles a horrid ache in the stomach which leaves the episode on a very worrisome and scary tone while Logan is seen pacing restlessly outside the house. Kortni still is not a 100% sure that she is pregnant and knows that only the doctor's appointment will confirm that, so viewers have that to wait for. 

Kortni's mother is also seen supporting her daughter's decision to not tell Logan. Looks like Logan's psycho behavior is going to be the center of some major drama and episode 9 is poised to bring a ton of shocking incidents, so brace yourselves, everyone! 

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