'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 6 review: Kortni refuses to see Logan's 'psycho' tricks while Codi prepares to meet GatorJay

'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 6 looks like it will be a crazy one and the drama is totally spiralling out of control!

                            'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 6 review: Kortni refuses to see Logan's 'psycho' tricks while Codi prepares to meet GatorJay

As episode 6 kicks off, we pick up where we left off last time, and the aftermath of Codi versus Candace continues. Aimee is visibly upset at what Codi had supposedly said about only spending time with her to make Candace jealous. With the whole house getting involved, it seems as though most are on Codi's side as Codi flatly denies ever saying anything hurtful about Aimee. 

In an attempt to make things less awkward in the house (and in a surprisingly nice gesture) Nilsa arranges a girl's day out with Aimee and Candace which involves getting their nails done and hopefully moving past their unpleasant situation. The whole situation is just plain awkward, and while getting their nails done, Aimee brings up the Codi issue. Candace tries to explain the situation as it had panned out but this does not convince Aimee at all. Eventually, Aimee decides to get over the issue after Codi later apologized to her. 

As much as Codi denies saying anything, flashbacks in the show confuse viewers as everyone can see that he did indeed say something on similar lines. Apart from Aimee and Candace being emotionally drained, people in the house start to fall sick, and Kortni has to go to the hospital. In a bit of a 'TMI' situation, Nilsa explains her 'stomach upset' situation in a graphic way, basically proving that the house was a breeding ground for infections. 

Kortni's relationship with Logan takes a whole new twist, and she gets to know that her boyfriend Logan has been lying to her and her mother. After a phone call with her BFF Raina, Kortni decides to meet her mother and Raina along with Candace to get to the bottom of the Logan drama and what they hear shocks everyone except well, Kortni who is blindsided by love. 

Kortni's mother is open about the fact that many "red flags" have come up and that Logan has lied to her about having a job among many other things. Like any other mother, Kortni's is quite worried about her daughter's safety and well being. At one point, Kortni's mother also recalls how Logan had once disrespected and cussed at Kortni over the phone. In more shocking news, Logan had apparently taken Kortni's mother out for lunch only to have a dollar in his pocket and not a dime more. 

Another thing which seems to be freaking everyone but Kortni is the fact that he has called her mother plenty of times asking for Kortni and as she puts it, "he is pyscho over you." This is such a typical 'new-relationship' situation where one just cannot accept the truth, in Kortni's defense, the truth, in this case, is probably exaggerated a lot. 

To everyone's disappointment, Kortni calls Logan only to believe whatever he is saying; openly trusting him despite what everyone else seems to be thinking. As usual, the crew heads out for a party night and hopes to drink their problems away but of course, when does any good come out of these things? The boys seem to be on top of their game and are seen really "enjoying" their night out. Jeremiah even brings home a girl from the club. 

In a truly L-O-L moment, Aimee and Nilsa are able to convince Codi that he peed himself while on the cab ride home. Also, if you are wondering about Codi and Candace, the former is convinced that he is getting over Candace; however, others seem to disapprove. Even though Codi is seen making out with other girls, viewers will NOT be convinced that he is graciously moving on. 

Of course, when Candace's boyfriend GatorJay231SouthsideGod says that he will be coming over to the house to visit Candace, Codi is not happy and gets the assurance of the boys that he will have back up should something go wrong. What is surprising is how Nilsa seems to be respectful of Candace and her "boo thang" and shares that it would be nice for everyone to treat Candace's guest nicely and call him by the name that Candace does. 

The boys have doubts about Gator's name, and Gus and Jeremiah refuse to call him by his name and insist on knowing what his real name is (like most of us, who don't believe that his name is GatorJay231SouthsideGod). 

The next episode of 'Floribama Shore' looks like it is going to be a real treat and the drama that Candace's boyfriend with the complicated name is going to bring. As Candace gets to hear that the boys are making fun of her boyfriend's name, she stomps down from her room to confront them and from what the sneak peek looks like, it ain't going to be pretty. It looks as though a new rivalry is in order with Gus and Candace going at it, but more on that next time! For now, who is ready for 'GatorJay231SouthsideGod'?

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