Floribama Shore season 2 episode 5 review: Candace and Codi blow hot and cold amid more relationship drama

It looks like the next episode will bring the disintegration of relationships and inevitably, the drama is going to spiral out of control so viewers do brace yourselves.

                            Floribama Shore season 2 episode 5 review: Candace and Codi blow hot and cold amid more relationship drama

As episode number 5 of Floribama Shore kicks off, the cast members of the show are ready for their first day of work with Gus, Jeremiah, and Kirk heading off to 'Shore Dog' restaurant. This is probably the first hard hit of reality which the boys are ready to take on in good spirits and are put to work by the restaurant owners who carefully explain the job. Whether it is washing dishes, serving food, or cleaning the toilet, the job is hands-on and needs one to get down and dirty. 

The Floribama cast (Source: Getty Images)
The Floribama cast (Source: Getty Images)

Meanwhile back in the crib, Nilsa is candid about her disappointment in losing the 'La Vela' bikini competition and claims that she will never go to that bar again. When Gus, Jeremiah, and Kirk return from the first day of work and tell the girls about what the job entails, Nilsa and Aimee freak out and share that they will flatly refuse to clean toilets or dishes. Given that they were all desperate for some work the previous episode, it is strange that the girls are not approaching the job with an open mind.

As Gus puts it, "it is a legit job" but the hands-on attitude does not sit well with the girls who start to complain. "This job sounds like it is going to be a torture chamber," says Nilsa. It definitely raises the question of what are these girls expecting when it comes to a job. The endpoint is to survive and make some money so if that means scrubbing a few dishes it should not matter.

Kortni and her boyfriend Logan's volatile relationship threatens to blow as the group makes plans to go out together. And as the show goes on, we find that the only ones taking the job seriously seem to be Kirk and Jeremiah who are seen making an effort to learn the menu as they were asked to do. Aimee chooses to stay home as the rest of the crew heads out. 

As predicted, everyone gets totally wasted and Candace and Codi are totally getting it on. As she grinds with Codi, she clearly does not seem to remember her boyfriend Gator. In a drunken stupor, Codi proceeds to ask Candace out on a date and after much persuasion, she seems to agree. The night out surprises Jeremiah who shares that it had been three days since there was no fighting or drama, basically tempting the devil to start to spin things out of control. After reaching back home, Codi and Candace get into a small tiff and Candace refuses to believe that Codi truly has feelings for her given the number of other girls he flirts with and even makes out with. 

Codi goes to the extent of saying that whatever he has done has been to make Candace jealous including spending last summer with Aimee. Still, Candace agrees to give him a chance. As Codi gets pumped up for the date, Candace has a conversation with Gator and decides that she will stay loyal to him and so ends up breaking Codi's heart. 

More drama ensues when Gator reveals to Candace that he will be coming to visit Candace especially since she chose to stay loyal to what they have and respect their relationship. So all's well with Candace's love life but she doesn't know what awaits her. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, well, in this case, it was more like hell hath no fury like a Codi scorned! Codi decides that he would do what it takes to make Candace jealous but has to deal with his broken heart first. 

Meanwhile, in other dysfunctional relationship news, Kortni and Logan's relationship is going from bad to worse and though she says she will not be disrespected that is exactly what he does. A rough conversation sets their already difficult relationship back. She attempts to talk to Logan about it face to face but has difficulty getting through to him. 

In a more humane part of the show, Nilsa shows some love and offers up some good advice to an upset Kortni who is dealing with Logan's scary behavior. The crew decides to go out and usually responsible Gus gets wasted and once again in a touching Floribama Shore moment, Jeremiah chooses to help Gus out and they never make it to the club. The club is pumping as usual and Candace casually tries to do her thing and enjoy herself but Codi is in her face making out with everything that has breasts. 

And in what is true to human nature, Candace pretends like it does not bother her but it is quite obvious that somewhere deep down, she may not appreciate seeing Codi all over these girls. There is more heartbreak as Candace reveals to Aimee that Codi was only friends with her to make her (Candace) jealous and needless to say Aimee takes it hard.  

Back in the house, Codi and Candace get into a massive fight and as Nilsa puts it, "shit hit the fan". Well, that is what we all have to look forward to in the next episode of Floribama Shore. A sneak peek into the next episode shows that we have not seen anything when it comes to Kortni and Logan's relationship and looks like there are a couple of red flags up regarding Logan. 

He has been dubbed as a "psycho" and Kortni is seen getting fair warning about him. As the house waits eagerly to meet Candace's boyfriend Gator, some of the boys cannot take his name seriously and when Candace gets to hear about that she does not hold back. It looks like the next episode will bring the disintegration of relationships and inevitably the drama is going to spiral out of control, so viewers, you need to brace yourselves! 

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