'Floribama Shore' Season 2 Episode 4 review: Kirk gets arrested for assault as the crew party hard to celebrate Gus's birthday

The fourth episode in the second season of 'Floribama Shore' sees the crew get wasted to celebrate Gus's birthday while showing no signs of growing up

                            'Floribama Shore' Season 2 Episode 4 review: Kirk gets arrested for assault as the crew party hard to celebrate Gus's birthday

Floribama Shore tells the story of a group of eight young adults who spend their summer in the hottest beach town which is located on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach to party like mad and push aside the real world for as long as possible. The story explores what it means when you have to "adult" and shows the eight cast members trying to figure out their future mixed with a lot of drama, feuds, friendships and drunken nights. 

In the fourth episode of the second season, Gus is ready to celebrate his birthday but his plans do not pan out the way he had expected and his housemates' drama causes him a lot more stress than celebration (#bestbirthdayever). The cast stays true to the reputation that they have built for themselves and the episode kicks off with a lot of drama and chaos. The episode opens with Kirk getting into trouble and getting arrested for punching a guy at a bar they were at as Candace starts to hyperventilate and wants to leave the house.  

Gus is visibly upset at the fact that his birthday was totally ruined and the night had been more eventful than anyone else saw coming. To add to all his frustration, Candace and him get into a tiff about Kirk's arrest and Candace blames Gus for not listening to her while arguing with the police who had stationed themselves outside their home. 

As Kirk's situation spirals downwards, Gus is more upset about how the rest of the housemates are still partying the night away even though he, the birthday boy is not present. The episode cuts back and forth to the club where Kortni and Kortni's boyfriend Logan, Aimee, Nilsa, and Codi are seen really boogying it down as Gus, Jeremiah, Candace, and Kirk deal with the police. 

While Kirk sits in the police car, Candace feels the need to step in and try and make sure he is okay which starts to frustrate the cops as well as Gus who is a smart bystander. Eventually, Kirk is let off the hook as the person he hit decides not to press any charges only to deal with some house drama between Gus and Candace who believes that she was disrespected. Had Candace pushed the cops any further, we could have easily been looking at a second arrest but of course, Candace believed that she was doing the "right thing" though to any third party it was obvious that she was not. 

The only reason that Codi, Aimee, Kortni and Nilsa decide to leave the club is because Codi has a girl around his arm that he would like to take home and not because their housemate Kirk was being arrested. In the process of gathering everyone up to leave, Codi accidentally spills Nilsa's drink on her shirt which sets her off completely and the two get into an argument about who's fault it actually was. The end result of the argument is least helpful and Nilsa retaliates by throwing her drink on his face pushing Codi into a drunken rage.

Clearly, the drunkest out of the lot had to be Nilsa who went to the extent of taking a leak in the cab on the way back from the club before reaching back and calling a truce with Codi. Towards the end of the night, Kortni is seen stabbing a bunch of 'happy birthday' balloons in honor of the fantastic birthday that Gus had and the chaos that the night entailed. 

The housemates take to having a special birthday do-over for Gus the next day and surprisingly enough, it goes according to plan with no hiccups. As most people would wonder, having a relationship outside of the house with anyone else is no easy task and relationship drama follows Kortni as she tries to keep her love life with Logan a-float. 

The episode also shows the eight housemates looking for a job as they know that 'no job means no money' and that is the one thing that they need to survive and make the summer a memorable one. This is probably the first hint of reality and real life amidst all the club music bass and alcohol shots. However, to their disappointment, no one is ready to give them a job due to their informal manner of asking until Nilsa comes up with what looks to be the only smart decision. 

The job Nilsa asks for is at a 'hotdog' stand and the owner agrees to give all the eight a shot on a trial basis. The eight young trying-to-be adults unanimously decide that Candace and Nilsa should enter a swimsuit competition making it the first instance of any sort of true friendship bond given how they missed the mark on Gus' birthday. 

Nilsa who has the perfect bikini bod is confident and ready, unlike Candace who is feeling very unsure about her look. The one and only seemingly heart-warming incident would have to be the way that the entire house encourages and pushes Candace to break out of her insecurities and participate in the competition. Candace manages to place in the competition while the initially confident Nilsa does not, leaving the rest of the housemates to prepare for a full-blown storm. 

There seems to be some romance in the air as Codi is very openly crushing on Candace who has a boyfriend but does not seem to mind the extra attention. As Candace is super proud of overcoming her fear of being on stage, her boyfriend Gator does not seem to share her sentiment which sends her into Codi's waiting arms in bed for a super inappropriate cuddle. 

In a desperate attempt to keep her relationship alive and fiery, Kortni invites her boyfriend Logan and two share some X-rated moments in the bathroom as Nilsa decides to intervene and interrupt them mid-way *ahem*. 

The next episode of 'Floribama Shore' seems like it will definitely see some heat between Candace and Codi given Candace's fast falling relationship with her boyfriend plus I am not sure how many boyfriends would be okay with their partner cuddling in bed with someone else. Given that the 8 were looking out for jobs, viewers will get to witness how they manage to work (or not) to fund and continue on with their drunken endeavors.  

Kortni's relationship with her boyfriend Logan also looks to be rather rocky and volatile so viewers have that to look forward to and only time will tell whether their relationship will make it out alive. The biggest and scariest of storms is yet to hit the Floribama Shore cast especially given Nilsa's disappointment for losing the swim-suit competition! So, who's ready for the next episode?

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