Floribama Shore season 2 episode14 review: Gus and Aimee have a huge blow out and Logan's looking for a fight

Floribama Shore summer finale is the episode where all the drama peaked and exploded into a massive mess.

                            Floribama Shore season 2 episode14 review: Gus and Aimee have a huge blow out and Logan's looking for a fight

'Floribama Shore's summer finale episode 14 picks up at a very intense part where Aimee is seen lunging at Gus in an argument over the time of the dinner reservation. Given that Aimee is already angry with Gus over stringing her best friend Nilsa along, she is really not holding back from showing her anger and boy, does that look scary! 




Aimee loses her cool when Gus makes a comment about how Aimee cries when she is called overweight and she runs at him and begins to slap and punch him as everyone else looks shocked. She storms out of the hotel room, threatening to leave while Nilsa in a true sign of friendship chases her all the way down in nothing more than a towel. 

Aimee is fuming and wants some space but the girls fear that she will want to take off. Gus, on the other hand, is upset that not one of his housemates took his side and it seems to have become a case of boys versus girls though everyone unanimously agrees that raising hands on Gus was not okay. Aimee is trying to reason with the reason as to what made her blow her fuse and soon both groups decide to venture out separately.

Both the groups decide that they will not let the gender issue "ruin" their night. The groups head out hoping to recover from the unpleasant situation and things do seem to be calmer and everyone is getting wasted and having fun. However, fate has a different plan and strangely both wind up choosing the same club which of course, does not sit well with Gus or Aimee. 

With the girls at the same club, Gus feels like the whole mood has been ruined and slowly, Codi starts talking to the girls going against Gus' bro-code. Gus is upset that Codi is changing sides and looks like he really is having the worst night ever. All this time, a very oblivious Aimee is dancing and having fun while Gus is just thinking about the whole fight. 

He chooses to latch on to the one person who really wanted a "drama-free" night to have a good time- Kortni and starts to rant and vent to her. Being a good friend, she listens to all that he has to say but adds that she does not want to take any sides in this fight. 



The shadow of the fight lingers on. Codi, Aimee, Candace, and Nilsa are all dancing on the street outside when some miscommunication breaks out about the 'overweight' comment that Gus had made. While Codi and Aimee argue about what was actually said, Aimee recalls Kortni telling her that Gus said that Aimee cries all the time because she is overweight as Codi argues saying that is not what was said. 

Amidst all this drama, an unsuspecting Kortni happens to walk out after being vented at by Gus only to be questioned on what she narrated to Aimee and be called a liar. This really gets to Kortni who storms off leaving the group stumped. Candace chases her down the street while yelling out that she does not have shoes on and Kortni needs to slow down. 

When she finally manages to catch up with Kortni, Candace does her best to explain to Kortni that no one was accusing her of anything and everyone was just trying to understand what was going wrong. She convinces Kortni to come back to the bar and just have fun. 

In the meantime,  Aimee seems to have convinced Nilsa that Gus is not a good person for knowingly stringing along Nilsa to which she agrees. She then accepts that maybe there is no point in going out of your way for someone who pretends like you don't really exist. Aside from Gus and Aimee, the rest of the crew are determined to move past the bitterness and just enjoy themselves which they do. Well, at least Gus and Jeremiah recover from the bad night and are seen making out with two girls at the bar. Eventually, the boys call it a night and head back to the hotel where they eat from the girls' leftover dinner (kind of gross, but drunk food is drunk food!). 



The housemates 'New Orleans' trip had totally backfired and instead of becoming closer, things just seemed messier than ever. The next morning brought in the aftermath of what turned out to be a truly horrendous night and Aimee wakes up feeling very guilty and embarrassed about her behavior. 

The crew drive back to Panama Beach and are welcomed by the sight of stale and fungus-laden food and a very messy kitchen. As they attempt to start cleaning, viewers will also find themselves getting gag reflexes at the sight of strewn food. In a not so bright moment, Kortni even fills a pan with pool water hoping that the chlorine will help clean it. 

Many of you may be wondering what happened to Candace's "Boo Thang" GatorJay231, well, you are about to get some answers. Given that Candace's mother is aware of the incident where Gator put his hands on Candace's throat, he's already in her bad books. Candace calls him up to tell him that they got back safely and shares that her mother knows of the fight. However, GatorJay seems rather unfazed by all this and is not bothered about the situation and hangs up on Candace.


Aimee is in a situation where she feels like she needs some motherly support and calls up her mother to talk about the Gus situation. She explains to her mother that she feels very bad and would like to apologize which her mother encourages her to do. 

With her guilty conscience driving her crazy, Aimee finally makes the move to apologize and even viewers will appreciate the sincere and honest apology. The honest apology gets a bit "too honest" as Aimee shares that she was madder at Gus due to the fact that Nilsa had developed feelings for her and he was not being nice about it. In a very sincere way, she shares that she is "not making any excuses but I am a crazy bitch". A gracious Gus accepts the apology and the two hug it out. 

The girls decide to go to dinner by themselves to address Candace's situation with Gator which is getting more confusing by the minute. Candace seems to believe that no one else will want her and the girls quickly assure her that it is not true. They also advise her to listen to her parent's judgment about the situation and take their advice. Meanwhile, the boys too have headed out and they are having a good time when they bump into the omnipresent Logan who is acting weirder than ever. He approaches the guys around three times talking crap all the while. Logan also starts talking about how Kortni did not call him back after his stalker-ish behavior and presents. 

In a situation that escalates faster than the speed of light, Logan seems to be all up in Jeremiah's face while yelling. He then pushes Jeremiah which causes Gus and Codi to jump in. By this time, the girls have arrived at the scene and Kortni upon hearing the commotion outside comes out to see Logan and Jeremiah in each other's faces.



As she shares, she contemplates either punching him or throwing her drink in his face, she chooses the second. A very brave and daring Candace jumps in between the boys to try and stop the fight but chaos follows and all viewers see is a bunch of punches being thrown as a huge crowd gathers around them. 

The episode ends rather abruptly and no one knows what exactly happened between the crew and the infamous psychotic Logan but for now, the only image viewers have left is of a situation which looks like a mosh pit. 

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