'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 13 review: Hello New Orleans and an eruption of new drama!

'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 13 features the crew taking a special road trip to New Orleans to unwind and relax but all it brings is new drama.

                            'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 13 review: Hello New Orleans and an eruption of new drama!

'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 13 starts of the aftermath of an exciting night for Nilsa and Gus who choose to be "friends with benefits" which is not the best idea for Nilsa whose feelings are involved. When it comes to other complicated relationships, Candace is contemplating her relationship with GatorJay231. 

She believes that he is very possessive and controlling and is not in a great place. All hormones aside, all the housemates are very happy, and the vibe in the house is great and drama-free! What viewers will appreciate is how close-knit the house seems to have become over the past week, and even the housemates are keen on keeping the peace. 

Everyone is eagerly awaiting Jeremiah's return and in an attempt to make him feel better after the loss of his grandfather, decide to take a road trip to New Orleans (after much debate) to have the time of their lives. The whole crew is super excited and as Aimee shared they have been kicked out of most of the bars at Panama City. 

All this time, Jeremiah is in the car on his way back and is skeptical of the drama that he had left behind in the house last week. His arrival is met a home cooked meal by his housemates and a lot of excitement which was nice to see. Over dinner, the crew catches up on what happened with Jeremiah and what happened in the house while he was gone and he is shocked upon seeing Nilsa and Gus sneak a kiss. 


Jeremiah also comments on the positive vibe in the house and how everyone seems more relaxed in general when his housemates reveal that they are taking a road trip to party it out in New Orleans.

As the crew is packing to leave, Candace gets a phone call from her mother asking her about whether Gator hit her or ever lay hands on her which she denies to her mother. She does reveal to the cameras that there was one particular incident where he put his hand on her neck but she let it slide as she was leaving for PCB. She chooses to push aside the situation and focus on having fun in New Orleans. 

While the crew drives to New Orleans, as predicted the conversation in both the cars is about Candace and Gus, and everyone is hoping that the two act on all the building tension between them. When they arrive at the hotel, the crew cuts into a 'King's Cake' and whoever gets the baby has good luck, and a well-deserving candidate Jeremiah wins the luck! 

As the crew explores the town, they are intrigued at all the parades happening and decide to throw it down in the parade. With all the new bonds and connection, the crew goes out for dinner before which Nilsa and Gus' sexual tension was hitting an all-time peak with the two being very open with their flirting.



At the dinner, Candace shares her very personal story about the incident with GatorJay. As much as the housemates are all about having fun, Candace's story stops everyone dead in their tracks, and the whole positive vibe seems to be put on hold. 

The whole crew is shocked and angry that GatorJay raised his hand at Candace, and they immediately try and talk her out of seeing him. As Nilsa says, "there is no excuse at all" to which Gus adds, "it is absolutely unacceptable." Aimee does her best to convince Candace that he is a bad idea and shares that she too was in an abusive relationship which left her with many injuries and that she (Candace) should get out now before it all gets worse. 

The housemates say what they have to and also give Candace space to eventually make her own decision and in a truly "aww" worthy moment, Candace sincerely thanks her friends for being there for her. 

What better way than to revive an intense night? Bring on the alcohol!

And that's exactly what the housemates decide to do while walking down Bourbon Street - a paradise to the crew right now. While everyone is busy taking it all in, Nilsa and Gus seem to get closer and closer to each other to the point where they are walking hand in hand. 

Gus also reveals to Nilsa that he is scared to get into something and get f***** over as Nilsa tries to reassure him as the pair cuddles up to each other. The night gets wild with crazy drinks like "shark attack," "grenade" and the likes to the point where a very drunk Kortni makes out with a massive snake that she seems to have charmed while everyone else gasps in horror and amazement.

The housemates once back at their hotel, call it a night. Nilsa and Gus, of course, have some twisted game of calling each other to their respective beds but no one makes the move. While this egoistic foreplay is going on, Kortni innocently seizes the opportunity to sleep on the bed and goes and snuggles up to Gus, leaving Nilsa fuming. 


One can't help but feel bad for Nilsa who has tried so hard to get Gus, and the latter is just going back and forth depending on how intoxicated he is. The next morning brings the aftermath of a wild night, and Aimee and Nilsa are not okay with a confused Kortni who believes she did nothing wrong but sleep on a bed. 

While the drama is just sort of brushed under the rug, Codi convinces everyone it would be a great idea to go on an airboat ride and everyone is on board except a freaked out Candace. The crew sets out on the ride to see alligators in the wild, and even Candace enjoys herself on the airboat. All the while on the airboat, Aimee cannot help but feel snarky towards Gus whom she believes is hurting her best friend Nilsa.

When the crew reaches the hotel, they decide to get ready to leave at 7:00 which Aimee had thought was 7:00 and starts complaining that she does not have enough time to take a nap, get ready and leave. The small miscommunication about their dinner reservation starts to explode into a full blown argument with a very cranky Aimee lashing out at her housemates for being selfish.


As Gus attempts to explain to Aimee that she has an hour to get ready, the argument spirals out of control and two are abusing each other as everyone else watches in shock. With all the built-up feeling about Nilsa being played by Gus and his general attitude, Aimee snaps when he makes a comment about how she loses it when people call her overweight. 



The episode stops with Aimee charging at Gus and starting to throw some punches leaving viewers wanting to know more. Aimee and Kortni also seem to have gotten into some sort of an argument as Kortni is seen storming off with Candace chasing after her.

Next time on 'Floribama Shore' will bring the peak of all fights and drama and guess who's bringing it, Logan. It looks like there will be a Logan versus Jeremiah showdown and an intervention by Kortni who throws her drink at Logan, so prepare yourself cos it's going to be one heck of an episode!

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