Floribama Shore season 2 episode 11: An unexpected visitor and an epic showdown between two BFFs

Floribama Shore season 2 episode 11 shows viewers a whole other side of Gus who opens up about his past in an emotional outing with the boys.

                            Floribama Shore season 2 episode 11: An unexpected visitor and an epic showdown between two BFFs

Floribama Shore's season 2 episode 11 picks up where episode 10 left off - on a gloomy and sad morning given the passing of Jeremiah's grandfather. The whole house seems to be in shock and it is heartwarming to see how everyone is ready to set their personal things aside and be there for someone who is in mourning.

In a very emotional moment, the crew is seen hugging each other and praying for Jeremiah who is visibly shocked at his grandfather's death. 

Unlike other episodes of Floribama Shore season 2, this is one of those moments where viewers will be able to see a very sincere atmosphere in the house with no drama. The crew decide to go out with Jeremiah to keep him distracted but you know, this is how the drama starts - at a club with lots of booze. The show keeps teasing viewers with Jeremiah and Kortni's relationship, or the lack of it, so far but don't lose hope, as she herself says to Jeremiah, "I'll always be your sister even though I may be attracted to you". 

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Of course, her sudden and unexpected announcement shocks the housemates and viewers alike. Clearly, Kortni does not have a very good understanding of timing and Candace shares that "the man just lost his granddad" and Kortni should wait a bit before hitting on him.

The crew heads out to try and support Jeremiah as he deals with his difficult loss but when there is alcohol involved, things don't stay so sweet and simple. 

Nilsa bumps into a man who used to work with her ex and this sets off a massive drinking binge with Nilsa calling for shots literally every two minutes in an attempt to not think of her ex, and hopefully score a cute guy. Given that this was meant to be a calm and peaceful night for Jeremiah, the rest of the crew is quite upset at Nilsa's selfishness. As the night progresses and Nilsa gets more wasted, she starts to be mean and unkind to a harmless man just making polite conversation with Gus and Kirk. 

This unpleasant attitude does not sit well with Nilsa's housemates who are quick to call her out for it, but when have you ever known a drunk person to accept their mistakes? She repeatedly denies being mean to anyone which only frustrates her housemates (especially her BFF Aimee) more. What is commendable is how the crew does not tolerate anyone being unkind to someone even if it is one of their own in the wrong, and viewers can appreciate these morals that the crew is portraying. 

However, Nilsa is not happy at this intervention and starts to freak out demanding to leave the house so much so that she even calls up a friend to ask her to pick her up. As she storms out of the house, throwing what seems to be the biggest tantrum this season, Kortni is the only one who chooses to chase after her hoping that she will calm down. No one is happy at this drunk rant and rage and as Aimee puts it, "Tonight ain't the night for this". All this while, a mellow Jeremiah is in his bedroom trying to disengage and prepare for a tough few days. 


While the girls are in a war, the boys are trying their level best to be supportive of their friend by cooking up a big breakfast before he leaves for home. Codi and Jeremiah have put all their past differences aside as Codi consoles Jeremiah explaining how he had gone through the same thing. He even warns Jeremiah to prepare himself as the worst is still to come and it is important to remain strong. Even with all the wild drunken escapades and the never-ending drama, it really looks like the housemates really support and care for one another. 

Aimee is seriously ticked off at Nilsa for her mean and bitchy behavior and evidently BFF and mushy is the last emotion that these two are feeling. A now sober Nilsa just cannot accept that she would ever do that to someone and instead of accepting her mistake, tries to play the role of a victim. Aimee and Nilsa have an epic showdown where a usually soft-spoken Aimee does not hold back from putting Nilsa in her place (which she sort of deserved though Aimee can be surprisingly brutal). 


Aimee is dead set on not talking to Nilsa who is hoping to give her BFF some space to cool down but without an intervention, the two being friends again is a far-off dream. Kortni and Candace decide that it is a perfect time to take a road trip and make sure that the two ladies sort out their issues. Even though the two need a bit of convincing to go on the trip, no one wants to counter a determined and stern Candace who tells Nilsa, "Last time I checked, you got a vagina so you need to be in the car." 

In the meantime, Jeremiah opens up his bag to find a note from Kortni expressing her heartfelt feelings and telling him that she would always be there, only adding to all the tension between them. The letter takes Jeremiah by surprise as he says, "I don't know where this is going to go". He even calls up Kortni to thank her for her support and her letter. 

Aimee has always wanted to be a mermaid and with a mermaid course happening in Tampa, the girls decide that it would be the perfect place to cool down and center themselves (and be mermaids). A reluctant Aimee and Nilsa agree to go on the trip and the boys - Codi, Kirk, and Gus - could not be more relieved to get the house to themselves. As the guys put it, all the drama surrounds the girls and so no girls means no drama (a bit harsh but the evidence of this is compelling). 

The guys decide to head out for their rare and special 'boys night' but end up having fruity drinks and food and sharing feelings, most unlike your typical 'boys night out'. In an unexpected twist of what should have been a drunk and chaotic night, Gus opens up about his past something which he has not done before. He shares a touching story of his childhood and his parent's infidelity which lead him to be kicked out of the house. 

Clearly, this episode is on the softer, less drunk side of things, and both Kirk and Codi really appreciate Gus for sharing his story. They also promise to have his back and never let someone hurt him. They add that the girls who have never heard Gus' story would cry if they ever did.


Speaking of crying girls, Aimee finds a note from Nilsa where she apologizes for her shocking behavior and is really touched by the response. After explaining themselves and opening their lines of communication, the two decide to move on, in an ending more predictable than ever. The two make up and decide that they would never let themselves fight again and compare their fight to a bad breakup. As Nilsa and Aimee hug it out, the boys are dealing with their (actually Kortni's) worst nightmare. 

The boys are awakened by a loud knock at like 3 am and open the front door to find a bouquet of flowers and a note. The only one creepy enough to do this is none other than Kortni's former and obsessed flame Logan. The strange present also contains many pictures of Kortni and several stalker like notes. Just when everyone thought that the Logan drama was over, he pops up like a pesky cockroach, so looks like we have that to look forward to! Episode 12 looks like it is going to really test Kortni and her housemate's patience but does it make sense to fight fire with fire?! Only time will tell what the outcome of Logan's bizarre behavior will bring. 

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