'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 10 review: An emotional roller coaster ride ends with Jeremiah going home

Episode 10 shows you a softer and more relatable side of the 'Floribama Shore' crew as they get drunk to celebrate the bond they share with each other

                            'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 10 review: An emotional roller coaster ride ends with Jeremiah going home

Episode 10 of MTV's 'Floribama Shore' was the most emotional one yet, especially given how the cast members are learning how to open up to each other for love and support. Kortni's pregnancy scare had resulted in a very tense and uneasy atmosphere at the house but, in a way, it brought all the castmates together. 

The entire crew decided to set up a 'non-pregnancy' party for Kortni who was thrilled by the support from her housemates. They also created a very interesting punch known as the 'kukapoo' to help start the party, and ended up getting 'kukapooped,' as Kirk said. While the crew was spending their afternoon at the beach, Candace was inside talking to her mother about her "boo thang" GatorJay231. 

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Candace's mother was very open about the fact that she does not like Gator and her disapproval throws Candace completely, leaving her feeling more lost and confused as ever. As Candace's mother puts it, she wants her to "leave the Gators in the swamp". It looks like it is the end for GatorJay and Candace as they cannot seem to work through their issues and Candace evens dubs him as "possessive". 

In other relationship news, Kortni is actually considering her feelings towards Jeremiah and she herself admits that Jeremiah could be more than just a brother. Just like fans and viewers, the crew also expects to see Kortni and Jeremiah together and, with each episode, they seem to get a tad bit closer.

Kirk's roommate and friend surprise him while the crew is chilling at the beach and the whole group makes plans to party later that night. Gus, being the woman magnet that he is, has the delight of one of Kirk's friends Flor flirting with him and totally sending him some signals. As Flor and Gus cuddle on the couch and get a little handsy, many viewers will wonder how Nilsa would take this. And, yes, most of us were right, she does not look pleased. 

As seems to be the story of her life, Nilsa is out at the club looking for a cute guy when all she sees is Gus all over Flor. Even though she does not say much about it, everyone can see just how much it bothers her inside. They say love hurts, and Nilsa's face shows it. Codi and Aimee even directly ask Nilsa about her feelings for Gus and the trio wonder whether he was with Flor just to make Nilsa jealous.

Only time will tell whether Gus chooses to reciprocate Nilsa's sentiment and, the viewers will agree, Gus and Nilsa would make an adorable couple. 

Kortni and her friend are so drunk that they end up going to pee together and, in their state of drunkenness, Kortni's friend pees in her shower while Kortni pees in the toilet.


In other drunk people news, Gus' girl Flor is also too drunk and ends up passing out in his bed. Gus is respectful enough not to act on anything with someone who was so drunk and, in a way, he even gets a bit turned off by a sloppy drunk Flor. Nilsa would secretly be super relieved. 

Candace is struggling to find answers for her and GatorJay, especially given that her family does not approve. In a truly touching moment where the viewers can completely relate to Candace, she chooses to open up to her housemates about her inner conflict and how it is affecting her. All the cast rally around her and offer their support and it is nice to see that, despite the feuds and drama, they all consider each other family. 

In a very closely bonded and spiritually awakened group, the house members all group hug around Candace as Kortni shares a thoughtful prayer. It really feels like this episode of 'Floribama Shore' is very much different from how the others have been. For one, the group was so emotionally connected that the episode was able to keep the viewers connected to the variety of emotions that were running through them. As Codi and Gus say themselves, "We are family". 

After a surprisingly mushy day, the crew heads to celebrate their bond over drinks which results in a breakdown of their close family bond. Kortni and Jeremiah are grinding in the club while Gus is frantically trying to avoid Flor but does not manage to do so for too long. Clearly, the alcohol has worked its magic and Kortni has a melt down over her past miscarriage and the fact that she may never be able to have babies. 

Jeremiah is seen comforting her highlighting the pressing question, "Will Kortni and Jeremiah ever hook up?" Given their special connection and how the two have constantly been there for each other, viewers wait expectantly for their love story to unfold. In an adorable moment, the pair even hold hands from across their beds as they go to sleep giving everyone those #relationshipgoals feels. 


Miscarriage seems to be the theme of their after-party as Aimee, Nilsa, and Kortni talk about their experiences. The next day brings bad weather and bad news for Jeremiah who learns that his grandfather has passed away. It is another emotional morning in the house as Jeremiah makes the decision to go back home. 

A sneak peek into the next episode reveals Jeremiah leaving for home as the crew hugs him for support. However, trouble seems to be brewing and Aimee looks as if she is super pissed off. In a shocking turn of events, Nilsa storms out of the house leaving viewers with many unanswered questions, but more on that next week!

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