'Floribama Shore' star Nilsa Prowant says she found it hard to pick a side after her BFF Aimee slapped her crush Gus

'Floribama Shore' star Nilsa Prowant says she found it hard to pick a side after her BFF Aimee slapped her crush Gus

MTV's 'Floribama Shore' part 2 is all set to kick off on 29 November 2018 and will bring a whole a lot of drama and unexpected surprises. As the show gears up for part 2, reality TV star Nilsa Prowant recalls how dramatically part 1 ended. 

Nilsa spoke to Meaww exclusively and recalled how her best friend on the show Aimee and the guy she had a crush on, Gus, got into a massive fight which shocked not just the cast and crew of 'Floribama Shore' but also the viewers. "Omg, I was literally in the shower and when I come out of the shower, everyone is on edge," Nilsa shares referring to explosive fight where Aimee punched Gus. 

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"I come out and Aimee comes to me and says, 'The guy you are f-ing with, I don't f*** with'," Nilsa adds remembering how the first emotion going through her head was nothing but shock. "Things start going back and forth and I am just sitting there saying 'You guys need to stop'," she continued.

Viewers will remember how Aimee was already upset with Gus about the fact that he was stringing Nilsa along and totally lost her cool when Gus makes a comment about how Aimee cries when she is called overweight. She runs at him and begins to slap and punch him as everyone else looks on in disbelief. "I was not going to take sides cos I did not know what was going on. Yes, Aimee is my best friend, and yes, Gus is the guy I liked, but I had no idea what was happening," Nilsa shared. 


Aimee was seen storming out of the hotel room as the rest of the people in the room did not know what to do or make of the situation. "I was not even miked, I was just in a towel and I was naked. I made the choice to chase after Aimee," Nilsa adds before sharing how she ran after Aimee in the hotel lobby whilst wrapped in a towel. "I was literally thrown into it and I just chased after Aimee in a towel. That is how crazy it was. It all happened so quick!" she continued. 


After a very eventful beginning and mid-episode, towards the end, Aimee starts to regret raising her hands at Gus something which the entire cast unanimously agrees upon. Finally, Aimee and Gus are able to work out their problems and be at peace. With her guilty conscience driving her crazy, Aimee finally makes the move to apologize and even viewers will appreciate the sincere and honest apology. 

Will this peace last long? Stay tuned to 'Floribama Shore' to see how things will play out!

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