'Floribama Shore': Fans rejoice as Mattie joins cast for the rest of Season 3 while Kortni takes a backseat

Kortni has been absent this season and looks like the crew has already found the perfect replacement for her.

                            'Floribama Shore': Fans rejoice as Mattie joins cast for the rest of Season 3 while Kortni takes a backseat
Nilsa Prowant and Mattie Lynn Breaux (MTV)

Mattie Lynn Breaux entered the house like a breath of fresh air and allowed the viewers, as well as, the cast to have some good times like they never did before and now, she is ready to stay in the house for the entire summer! That's right. You will be seeing Mattie for the rest of Season 3 with Mattie confirming in today's episode that she is ready to move into the house. 

Mattie and the girls had gone back to her home to pick up some clothes when she realized that she had enough clothes that would last through the summer. Nilsa Prowant asked Mattie if she wanted to spend the rest of the summer with them and without hesitation, Mattie said "yes".

Hearing this, Aimee Hall and Candace Rice got excited and couldn't wait to spend the rest of the summer together. Candace expressed her joy on camera by stating that she was ready to step away from the role of mother figure for the cast members as Mattie was staying.

However, with Mattie entering the house, fans wondered if Kortni Gilson was out for the season. Kortni appeared on the first few episodes of the show and had to say goodbye because she fell ill.

While there is no confirmation if Kortni will be back or not, fans are happy to see that Mattie would be filling in for her. "I think she should be on more season. Kortni is so boring. All she does is walk around the house and mope when she doesn't get her way. Bring in Daddy & Murray from PDS too!!" one fan wrote. 

Another added, "Woo hoo! This season has been much better without Kortni. The girl is cool but it’s always negativity and whining from her constantly. Mattie ROCKS! You should have Mattie be a regular next season!"

A fan echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE...I almost stopped watching the show/ because she is so irritating to watch. I just fast forward when I see her on the screen." 

'Floribama Shore' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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