How much weight did Gus Smyrnios lose? 'Floribama Shore' star's unrecognizable throwback pic enrages fans

It was when Gus broke up with his girlfriend that he realized he had to lose weight

                            How much weight did Gus Smyrnios lose? 'Floribama Shore' star's unrecognizable throwback pic enrages fans
Gus Smyrnios from 'Floribama Shore' (MTV)

'Floribama Shore' star Gus Smyrnios is controversy's favorite child. Ever since the show's premiere, his issues have taken center stage. From his old feud with Jeremiah Buoni to getting into a loud tiff with Candace Rice over a stolen hairdryer, Gus pretty much made sure that the cameras were on him.

Let's be honest he is good for reality TV. The energy that he brings to the mix is hard to find. While some may like him for his straightforwardness, he seems to have earned fans for his messy hair and shredded physique.


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However, Gus was not always like this. 'Floribama Shore' fans dug up a throwback photo of his and shared it on Reddit. Yes, he's unrecognizable in it but if you stare harder you might just get it.

The reality TV star was a bit on the healthier side, for which he was bullied in school. During this time, he began dating a girl, who broke up with him after going around for three years. It was then that Gus realized he had to get fit if he wanted to date. In seven months, he lost 50 to 60 pounds, Feeling the Vibe reported. "After that, I started getting a little bit of attention," he said. Meanwhile, fans on a Reddit thread were left enraged as they thought digging up an old photo meant he was being body-shamed.

"I personally hate Gus and think he is vile and makes everyone responsible for his actions. His family appears to be the same too. But what I DO NOT agree with is body shaming in any way or form," one wrote, while another echoed: "In my opinion, and this is very much MY opinion, I believe this is body shaming because to me this post was obviously made to poke fun at him. Otherwise, why make a post at all commenting about his weight?"


Even though his fitness journey has been on point, the same cannot be said about his stint on the MTV-backed show. Even though Gus meant well, some moments were truly disturbing especially the blow-up at the ice rink. Gus popped off on a pregnant Nilsa Prowant and that didn't go down well with those starring in the show and the ones watching it.

Heavy criticism continued when Gus stole Candace's hairdryer. The argument left Gus feeling alone and that was when he decided to leave the house. Even though his roommates were not too fond of the way he had behaved earlier, they went looking for him all over the town. When he returned, most welcomed him with open arms. He apologized and hopefully, everyone has moved on from the hate.

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