The cast of MTV's 'Floribama Shore' dish on their experience so far: 'It's good to know you are heard'

Given all the ups and downs that took place over season 2 part 1, season 2 part 2 looks as promising as ever! Here it from the cast themselves in an exclusive interview with MEAWW

                            The cast of MTV's 'Floribama Shore' dish on their experience so far: 'It's good to know you are heard'

MTV's 'Floribama Shore' is gearing up for season two part two and viewers cannot wait to dive back into the drama, friendships, and total fun! Talking exclusively with MEAWW, the cast of the show says they are just as excited as viewers for part two as the show premieres on November 29. 

Viewers will recall that season one and season two part one of the show were full of ups and downs and the show took you on a rollercoaster of different emotions. When asked about her 'Floribama Shore' experience, Candace Rice shared, "It has been crazy, and also very inspiring. It has also definitely been party central with lots of ups and down," and Nilsa Prowant shares that it was a "life-changing experience." 

The Cast of 'Floribama Shore' (Source: Getty Images)
The Cast of 'Floribama Shore' (Source: Getty Images)

"I did not know that I would get to experience something like that in an area where I grew up," Nilsa continued. " I am from there — I know the party scene but I never thought it would make such an impact on my life," she shared before talking about what it was like to live with six other people that she did not know. "It made me grow up a lot as not everyone is from the same area as you are and not everybody has the same outlook on life that you do, so I learned a lot from all of my roommates and it was an amazing experience."

For Codi Butts, the experience of 'Floribama Shore' has been a fantastic one and as he says, coming from a small town as he does, such opportunities are rare. "I had no idea what to expect going into the house but I was so thankful that I got to meet so many unique individuals whom I absolutely love and consider my family now," he shared. "I had a blast. I had never been to Panama City and now its become my second home and I love each and every one of my castmates."

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When it comes to Jeremiah Buoni's experience, he shares that it was quite an adjustment for him given he had been homeschooled and used to live at home. "I never had roommates, just family members. My roommate was my brother and so this was a lot to take in. For the first season, I was just getting a feel for it and by season two, I was a lot more comfortable. I definitely consider my castmates my family now," he shared. 

Over the duration of the two seasons, the cast members have gotten a lot closer to one another but it took some time and understanding from everyone involved. As Candace puts it, "The first couple of weeks when we all came in was tough. The first half had a lot of disagreements given we all have such different beliefs and we all come from different backgrounds. So, it was definitely an adjustment in the beginning."

Viewers will also recall how by the end of the second season, the housemates seemed to have a much stronger bond than they did before especially compared to the first half. "Living that close to people who you only spent one Summer with is challenging and then you also have a lot of unresolved issues which you cannot help but sort out and address," Nilsa shared of the proximity of living together. 

She went on to talk about how allowing something to build up and explode will make the situation a whole lot worse and which is what happens on the show sometimes as well. However, as Nilsa says, "every single argument got all of us closer together and as a result of living together, you cannot help but want to solve things."

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This is something Codi was able to relate to very well and he recalled how when he got to the house, he was excited to see everyone but Jeremiah. "We had our differences — we butt heads — but we were able to work it out. I appreciate him more and I gained a friend," he shared as Nilsa added, "They even went partying together last weekend!" Jeremiah also added to his initial feud with Codi and said that they have all come a long way.

"There were a lot of unresolved issues when we came in. In season two, all the issues are brought out and heard out. During the first half, it was all rather petty and we were arguing about dumb stuff like something that teenagers would argue about. As the season progressed, we started to enjoy one another's company and it shows. In season 2 Part B, you will see a lot more enjoyment," Jeremiah shared. 

Being on TV has definitely changed the lives of the cast who are still in shock at their success. "For me, its still like 'OMG! Is this really my life?' I still see myself as a normal person but when I go out with my friends, people want to take a pic with me and it's still so shocking. I'm a normal girl from a really small town that just happened to be on TV and I am so thankful for it cause it has got me so many opportunities and I met some of the most amazing people," Nilsa revealed.

Codi shared that his experience has definitely been life-changing and he is shocked at how many people know his name. "I cannot sit down with my parents without people recognizing me or taking pics, which I don't mind and I love. I am so thankful for this experience and I am now a public figure," Codi said as he shared how happy he was.

Like Codi, Jeremiah is equally shocked at how much things have changed and he says being on a big platform has definitely changed a lot. From his fan messages on social media, Jeremiah shares that he has been able to affect many people, something which surprises him but which he is truly grateful for. "I want to set the tone for the next generation and that's a weight I put on my shoulders," he shared. 

Candace, on the other hand, says that she does not consider herself to be a reality TV star and life has not really changed much. She spoke about how being on TV means opening up to everyone and that people see you as a role model. "I cannot post a bad picture no more," she says, joking about sharing pictures on social media. "I am totally regular," she added.

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The cast also spoke about being relatable to their viewers and hope that opening up and making themselves vulnerable will encourage others to find the courage to do the same. "It's good to know you are heard," Nilsa concluded.