'Floribama Shore': The cast hold a mock trial for an anxious Aimee to calm her down before her court hearing

'Floribama Shore': The cast hold a mock trial for an anxious Aimee to calm her down before her court hearing

The cast decides to stand by Aimee's side and prepare her for the court hearing. Aimee was asked to appear in the court after she ended up in a physical fight with one of the girls that she met at the bar while the cast and crew were filming for 'Floribama Shore'.

Gus was dressed as the victim, Codi was the judge, Kirk was the attorney while Candace was Aimee's lawyer. 

Making it look like a courtroom, all of them tried to mock the situation to make sure that Aimee feels better about the trial that is supposed to take place the next day.

While everyone delivered their part very well, Aimee was most impressed with how Candace managed to handle the situation. 

She even added that if there is anyone she would choose to represent her in the court it would be Candace. However, Codi thought that if Aimee were to handle the situation as she did during their mock trial then she is sure to go to jail.

Despite different views, Aimee felt a little better about going to court. She thought it is something that she could manage well but that did not last for long.


The next day, when it was time for her to head to the court, Aimee felt anxious. She grew concerned about how the court hearing would go. Luckily for her, she had her pet crab beside her to make her feel good.

Aimee had bought the crab as a pet for the entire house but it soon became her service animal. She decided to pet it for a while before heading to the taxi with it.

Aimee thought it would be the best way to keep calm while she goes for her hearing. Even though the rest of the cast members were fast asleep, it sure looks like Aimee had all the support she needed. 

'Floribama Shore' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm on MTV.


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