Watch Florence and the Machine's intimate 3-song performance at NPR's 'Tiny Desk'

The British indie rockers stopped by NPR's offices for a soulful rendition of their songs 'June' and 'Patricia' from the latest album 'High As Hope', followed by 'Ship to Wreck'

                            Watch Florence and the Machine's intimate 3-song performance at NPR's 'Tiny Desk'

On the verge of wrapping up their North American tour, British indie rockers Florence and the Machine made a pitstop at the studios of NPR for an intimate performance as part of their famous 'Tiny Desk' series. An unusual setting for a band habituated to sold-out stadium gigs and for popular frontwoman Florence Welch's overwhelming stage presence, the 'Tiny Desk Concert' saw Florence and the Machine render three well-picked songs.

The set started off with 'June' from the band's latest 2018 album 'High As Hope', followed by yet another album-cut 'Patricia'. In Meaww's review of the album, we lauded Welch and her baroque-pop outfit for "abandoning their grand narratives and melodrama for a stripped down, intimate fourth studio album that shoots straight from the soul."

The three-song set closed with the massive hit 'Ship to Wreck', taken from 2015’s 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,' and showcased the band's overarching, operatic sound in the cozy spaces of NPR's offices, which served as an oddly great setting for the live performance. 

Early on in the set, Welch seemed nervous as she adapted to the new environment. “I’m sorry I’m shy,” she addressed the room. “If this was a big gig, I’d probably be climbing all over here and running around.” Although she never quite got to the point of jumping on furniture, Welch and her crew — Tom Monger (pedal harp), Hazel Mills (keyboard, vocals), Robert Ackroyd (guitar) — belted out the songs with the same power and magnificence that is typical of their live gigs, with Welch's raw, unamplified vocals taking center stage.

Watch the full performance below, courtesy of NPR.