'Flirty Dancing' Episode 4: Jordan and Kirsten share a kiss after their romantic dance and send sparks flying

For the first time on the show, after their dance, Jordan and Kristen shared a kiss revealing that the chemistry was very much there

                            'Flirty Dancing' Episode 4: Jordan and Kirsten share a kiss after their romantic dance and send sparks flying
Jordan and Kristen (FOX)

How would it feel when you have to trust a total stranger to lift you up in the air and let sparks fly between you two? That's what Fox's newly released series 'Flirty Dancing' is all about — "part performance, part blind date".

Hosted by Jenna Dewan, the series features two singles who will be matched with two potential partners each. The singles will not know anything about each other, not even their name. They will meet for the first time only when they perform.

This week we were introduced to two singles, Danielle and Jordan. Jordan is a 29-year-old real estate investor who has been single for the past five years.

He shares that people's first impressions of him are that he is a typical jock but he is, in fact, the complete opposite. He is into his family and business. However, right now, he is looking for someone who is supportive of him and his daughter Kinley. 

Jordan shares that he has met women on social media but does not want that anymore, because they want him only for superficial reasons. On the other hand, he reveals he is too shy to approach women.

For his first date, Jenna found Jordan two potential partners. One who is charming and romantic, the other loving and sweet.


Kirsten is a wardrobe stylist who loves hiking and going out with her friends. She is a hopeless romantic who is ready to be swept her off her feet. It has been two years since she been divorced, and the toughest part was losing a family. 

The second partner was Mary, a 26-year-old ER nurse who was engaged but called off the marriage. She is happy she didn't go through with it because she is looking for a love like her parents. 

For Jordan's two dances, Jenna brings in famed choreographer, Sharna Burgess. For his dance with Kristen, Jordan had to learn a choreographed routine to a cover of 'Shallow' by Us the Duo. For his dance with Mary, Jordan learned a choreographed routine to 'Bones' by Galantis feat One Republic. 

His first dance was with Mary. It was energetic and you could see the chemistry between the two begin to flourish as he kisses her hand before leaving. But the icing on the cake was his dance with Kristen.

Sparks flew as the couple danced like there was nobody around. For the first time in the show, after their dance, Jordan and Kristen shared a kiss. 

He revealed that the chemistry was there so he just went in for it. But it was going to be a tough choice for him. In the end, Jordan chose to go on a second date with Kristen because she was nurturing, loving and beautiful.


Taking to Twitter after the episode, a fan wrote, "Prince Charming Jordan found his #MeghanMarkle with Princess Kristen on #FlirtyDancing." Another said, "I mean you can't kiss the girl and not pick her... Like MJ...Jordan just don't fade away."

"And Jordan chose... "the kiss!" Wow!" a fan wrote while another shared, "Omg a kiss and a hug after! Is Jordan smitten? #FlirtyDancing." 

"Omg, Jordan KISSED her. That was WILD #FlirtyDancing," a fan wrote. 

'Flirty Dancing' airs every Wednesday night only on Fox. Check your local listings for more information.

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