'Flirty Dancing' Episode 4: Danielle chooses Cody after sparks fly during their dance routine and fans are elated

The CEO and founder of two successful lash studios, Danielle decides to go on a second date to see if their chemistry continues to flourish

                            'Flirty Dancing' Episode 4: Danielle chooses Cody after sparks fly during their dance routine and fans are elated
Danielle and Cody (FOX Media LLC)

How would it feel to perform a romantic dance routine with a total stranger without speaking a word to them, or knowing anything about them? That's what 'Flirty Dancing' is all about. 

'Flirty Dancing' is a new reality TV series that recently premiered on Fox and is named after a UK show of the same name. Hosted by Jenna Dewan, the series calls it "part performance, part blind date".

The series revolves around two singles who are matched with two potential partners each. They do a choreographed dance routine with one, and a completely different routine with the other one. These singles will not be able to speak to each other prior to or during the performance. This gives the singles a chance to see if there is any spark and chemistry between them. 

This week in Episode 4, we were introduced to two new singles Danielle and Jordan who are looking for love. The first single the series featured was 33-year-old Danielle, who is the CEO and founder of two successful lash studios.


When Danielle isn't working, she is on the car race track driving. Coming from a family where she saw her mom and dad madly in love, Danielle realized she needed more unconditional love.

Wanting to find someone perfect, Danielle has a long list for the man she wants. She wants someone who is athletic, fit, has hair, appreciation for action sports or auto, masculine and appreciates her feminine, freely communicates his feelings, and knows what he wants. But in the end, it's happiness that matters. 

Jenna found Danielle two matches, one who appeals to her spontaneous side and the other who shares her love for an active lifestyle. Jason is a 35-year-old airline pilot who is looking for an adventure partner. Getting himself ready for the dance routine, he says the best-case scenario would mean he met the love of his life and the worst case, he would fall on his face.

The second match is Cody the 29-year-old personal assistant who is looking for someone to conquer the world with. He loves to climb, hike, being fit and healthy. He would love someone who he can share that lifestyle with.

Performing a dance routine choreographed by Dominique Kelly for her dance with Jason, Danielle will have to learn a dance routine for 'Born to be Yours' by Kygo and Imagine Dragons. For her date with Cody, Danielle will have to learn a routine for 'Fall on Me' by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. She would be performing her routine on New York street, by the Fox backlot where a lot of romantic comedies were filmed. 


Danielle's first dance with Jason was all fun and romantic routine that had the duo smiling all the time. Though she was a little worried about trusting him to lift her up and not throw her back down, they pulled off the routine and looked really comfortable with each other. Later that day during the evening, she and Cody had their dance and you could see the chemistry between the two right from the start. 

Finding Cody awesome, tall, strong, sweet, positive and amazing, she decided to go on a second date with him to see if their chemistry continues to flourish like it did during their dance routine. 

Taking to Twitter post their routine, fans share their love for Danielle and Cody shipping the couple affirming they look cute together. "Danielle and Cody!  Adorable. #flirtydancing," wrote a fan. Adding to that another said, "She found love... hopefully. great job Danielle. #FlirtyDancing." 

"They are cute #FlirtyDancing Danielle and Cody," shared a fan. While another added, "Congrats Danielle & Cody! My man Jason looked a little hurt tho. Chin up, playa!" 

'Flirty Dancing' airs every Wednesday night only on Fox. Check your local listings for more information.

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