'Flipping Exes' stars Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure on working together, taking risks and seeing it pay off in the end

In an interview with MEAWW Nina and Michael shared some tips about working with one's ex, and how a huge gamble they had taken while flipping houses turned out to be a good decision.

                            'Flipping Exes' stars Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure on working together, taking risks and seeing it pay off in the end

Bravo recently premiered with their new reality TV series titled 'Flipping Exes' where  Nina Klemm and her ex-boyfriend Michael LeSure, work together buying, renovating and selling high-end houses in Carmel, Indiana, a place that has is also known as the "Beverly Hills of the Midwest".

Nina is a real estate agent who has contacts that include professional athletes to CEOs, and when she is not selling high-end properties, she works with Michael and they flip houses together. With Michael being savvy with numbers, he uses that to come up with an estimate for the house. He also helps in making sure that things go the way they are supposed to. They were once a couple but now are no longer in a relationship, however, have used their strengths and put it to good use by flipping houses together. 

In an interview MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Nina and Michael shared some tips about working with one's ex, and how they keep themselves from compensating with quality because of the time. Telling us about how they manage the professional front now, Nina joked saying: "You probably have to be a little bit crazy if you consider working with your ex and I think Mike and I are a little bit." 


While Michael said, "You just got to have mutual respect for each other and start to have exclusive boundaries. And then I feel like we work well together based on the fact that we appreciate each other's crafts for the most part."  Carmel, Indiana,  has been named one of the best places to live in America. Talking more about their place of business Nina said, "I've actually lived in Carmel for about 10 years and there is a lot of growth especially in downtown Carmel; they built a Palladium, they built a city center and there is a lot of growth from a commercial aspect but also from a residential aspect as well because they are rehabbing a lot of homes and a lot of new construction is going in downtown Carmel."

The couple got off to an impressive start on their show. During the show's premiere episode, the couple flipped an 1870 property, without even seeing the place! Revealing that buying a house without seeing it is a gamble, the couple shared that it's best to take in all the worst factors so you're prepared. "I think one of the things that you do when you basically buy a house site unseen is you take into all of the factors in the worst-case scenario and when you basically see what work needs to be done, it's one less thing that we have to do and that won't count against us. So you just have to be careful in calculating your decision and basically take all of the factors into consideration as the worst-case scenario and then if it doesn't end up being that way then you're safe," Michael explained. 

Talking about the reviews they have been getting for the series, Nina said, "We've had some great reviews. Well, at least that we can see on our side. I don't know what Bravo's feelings are yet, but I will tell you that the response that we've been getting locally has been incredible and on Instagram. It's been great." Any viewer who has seen the show will notice that there's quite a bit of flirting that goes on between the former couple on screen, so when we asked them if there are chances of sparks between them or if they are still friends. Well, Nina decided to be secretive about this one and left us curious as she said to know the answer we must continue watching the series as one can never know what might happen on 'Flipping Exes'. 

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