Young man comforts 96-year-old on her first flight in 15 years, seen hugging her during turbulence

Ben's act of kindness caught the attention of others as he helped 96-year-old Virginia who was taking a flight after 15 years to meet her family

                            Young man comforts 96-year-old on her first flight in 15 years, seen hugging her during turbulence

Humanity is still alive in the world, going by how a young man came to the help of a visibly distressed elderly woman on a long flight. 

Virginia, a 96-year-old woman, was taking her first flight in 15 years and was traveling to see her family. She was having trouble with the whole idea of flying. To her luck, a young man by name Ben, sitting by her on the flight, became her guardian angel throughout the flight. 

The other passengers were witness to his acts of kindness. He held her hand during the entire flight and also hugged her close while the flight was going through some turbulence. The flight attendants and passengers were overly touched by his generosity towards Virginia. Ben unassumingly became the 'flight angel' for the elderly woman on the four-hour flight from San Diego to Nashville. 

The young man was just seated next to the lady, meeting for the first time as strangers. He calmed her down throughout the journey. Megan Schofield, another passenger, took a picture and shared posts of the story on Facebook. Schofield wrote, "Sitting in the row next to me was a 96-year-old woman who hasn't flown in 15 years." Schofield said the post that the man helped the woman out of her seat when she wanted to use the bathroom.

Her post went viral, gaining more than 130,000 likes. Over 74,000 people have shared the story. The old lady was so grateful she even told Ben, "Hats off to you sir, for your kind heart and your compassion toward someone whom you've never met." "This truly made my week," Schofield said. 

The heartwarming picture of Ben holding her hands has gone viral. A Daily Mail report quoted Schofield as writing, "This gentleman, I should say, gladly took her hand, let her hold onto him, calmed her by talking to her and explaining everything that was happening, and simply was that stranger there for her."   

"Truly one of the best stories I've read in a very long time. Thank you for sharing sweetie," one person wrote on Schofield's post published. Ben reportedly mailed Schofield saying he was happy that his act of selflessness made others smile, as reported in KSHB.  

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