Trans comedian Flame Monroe backs Dave Chappelle: 'When it's the truth, it's just humor'

Trans comedian Flame Monroe backs Dave Chappelle: 'When it's the truth, it's  just humor'
Flame Monroe and Dave Chappelle (Photos by Instagram @monroeflame/Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Dave Chappelle has managed to create quite a chaos online from the last few days after his Netflix special ‘The Closer’ sparked a debate over transphobia and homophobia. The 48-year-old comedian further irked the Internet after he said “F**k Twitter’ for being canceled over trans jokes in his show. Even though Chappelle got brutally slammed by the members of the trans community, a prominent drag queen and comedian Flame Monroe extended her support to the funny man.

In an interview with CNN, Flame Monroe asserted that she "absolutely [does] believe that you should be able to make jokes about trans folks” since comedians sometimes skewer other marginalized communities. After the premiere of his comedy special, Dave Chappelle first got slammed by left-wing organizations such as GLAAD followed by the National Black Justice Coalition. The Washington DC native also seemed to have annoyed Jaclyn Moore, the transgender executive producer of the Netflix show 'Dear White People' who reportedly said she was "done" with Netflix "as long as they continue to put out and profit from blatantly and dangerously transphobic content”.
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Who is Flame Monroe?

Flame Monroe is a well-known drag queen and a stand-up comedian from Chicago. She moved to California in 2005. Flame earlier went by the name of Marcus Parker. However, at the age of 23, Monroe got her first breast implants at a cost of $1,600, as reported by Chicago Tribune. Monroe took female hormones to further feminize her body. She had earlier revealed that she was bisexual. Flame Monroe stays active on her Instagram account with close to 120K fans and followers. Flame Monroe also has three kids i.e. one son and two daughters.

Speaking about gay marriage back in 2011, the stand-up comedian stated had said that she did not agree with it. "Gay people don't know what to think of me when I say that. I just don't think it's right. In my heart and with the scriptures I read in the Bible, I don't believe that an ordained minister should marry a gay couple. I do believe completely in civil unions, as published by Chicago Tribune.



What did Flame Monroe say about Dave Chappelle?

Speaking of the controversial comedy special of Dave Chappelle, Flame Monroe did not shy in sharing her valuable opinion. Extending her support, she backed the comedian saying, “As a trans person and a comedian, we mostly crack jokes about who we are and how we identify in my experience, and I'm only speaking for me”, as reported by CNN. She further stated, “You can't ask for inclusion 24/7 and then conveniently want to be excluded because some truths are being told in a comedic fashion about your community."

Monroe also spoke to CNN in an interview a week ago where she said that it was just humor. “It made me scream out loud laughing because I'm a comedian, I'm a human, and I know who Dave Chappelle is and what Dave Chappelle is. He's a comedian.”  She continued, “When it's the truth, and it's funny, it's just humor. It's laughter, we keep missing that. We have to be able to take, as grown people, and stop being so sensitized in this world. It's only a joke. Nobody lost their lives.”


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