'Flagitious': Suzy Dent's Word of the Day hailed for describing 'Putin to a Tee'

'Flagitious': Suzy Dent's Word of the Day hailed for describing 'Putin to a Tee'
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting to discuss the Ukrainian peace process at the German federal Chancellery on October 19, 2016 in Berlin, Germany (Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Susie Dent has gone viral all over social media after posting a simple tweet that subtly called out the terrifying war declared by Putin on Ukraine that seems to be escalating. Dent, a popular etymologist and lexicographer, made a very simple tweet explaining the meaning of the word 'flagitious', which spoke to real world events and Putin's actions. 

"Word of the day is ‘flagitious’ (14th century): unspeakably wicked; guilty of heinous crimes," Dent's tweet read. The tweet went quicly viral and has notched up over 3000 retweets within hours of posting. "Apt. Sadly," a user replied to the Tweet. "Apt choice given the current world events," another agreed. "I was trying to work out how to say that - now I don't need to. Well put!!" a third user commented, praising Susie's effortless indication of the current context by the use of very simple and few words to define the term. 

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In her Tweet, Susie has smoothly called out the horrific turn of events after Putin anounced Russia's "special military operations" in Ukraine in the early hours of February 24. Only minutes after his televised announcement, explosions were heard in some of the major cities of Ukraine which Putin has allegedly targeted in particular to drive home the threat of war on the people of the nation. 

Putin's sudden decision of inflicting violent measures to exercise control has shocked world leaders who are still scrambling to figure out how to handle the Russian aggression, torn between appeasing Putin or spinning the two-nation war into a conflict between several nations.

There have been fears that the Russian offensive has been in the works for a while and premediated attack to regain former Soviet territories. Internet sleuths also suspect that Vlamdimir Putin had recorded the declaration of the war days before the actual declaration of hostilities on 24th of February. Minutes after he declared war on Ukraine, intense bombing from three sides made it clear that Putin has devised a well thought out attack, targetting helpless citizens in Ukraine.

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