'Flack' episode 4 review: As Robyn's life starts to feel repetitive, Eve's wry humor saves the day

'Flack' episode 4 review: As Robyn's life starts to feel repetitive, Eve's wry humor saves the day

In the fourth episode of 'Flack', Robyn's life starts to feel repetitive as she fails to keep us interested in her life. She does what she has done many times before: manages a scandal, has second thoughts about lying to her boyfriend not doesn't change anything at all. 

The show started off by showing us what it really means to handle celebrities and stars and the scandals that break out around them. There was an hint of conflict within Robyn which we expected would be addressed in the coming episodes. However, all we see is that she revels in this conflict and not in an interesting or entertaining manner. 


For instance, the fourth episode has a scene where Robyn and Sam are sitting at an all-night diner discussing their respective work days. Sam then mentions trying for a baby and Robyn loses it. She walks out and we are left wondering how long is it going to take her to come to terms with her phobia about becoming a mother?

While it is completely all right for a woman to be afraid or not want babies — it gets tiring when that becomes a point of conflict in a relationship between two adults who on the surface seem like mature people.  

Robyn goes to the extent of sleeping on Melody's couch to run away from her problems like that will solve anything. While this does throw some light on Melody's character and her background, there is no logical reasoning behind why Robyn is stuck on this one for so long.

The explanation that she is self-destructive doesn't cut it at this point because Robyn's character deserves a lot more depth than what she has got so far. Especially if the point was to make her a flawed, yet memorable character. Right now, the flaws look forced, the conflicts don't seem interesting enough and she just wears us out from all that surface level dissension with herself.

A still from episode 4 of 'Flack'. (Source: Pop TV)
A still from episode 4 of 'Flack'. (Source: Pop TV)

The savior of the episode, of course, was none other than Eve who has managed to elicit a few laughs with her wry humor.

Her character has more charm and depth at the same time. We are fascinated by her unapologetic behavior when it comes to the way she judges people. For instance, when Tom, Eve, Robyn and Melody head out for a drink and Melody's secret boyfriend comes to say hello, Eve simply laughs off the idea of why he would think she would respond to his invitation to hang out. Tom asks if this has something to this with class and she just shrugs and says class is cliched, meaning she is more woke and her judgements are hence a result of woke reasoning.


At the end of the episode, all we ended up seeing was a senseless scandal and a clueless Robyn. With just two episodes left, it is unclear how she will resolve her feelings for Tom and her conflict with Sam.

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