'Flack' episode 3 preview: Robyn's life is expected to spiral down further

'Flack' episode 3 preview: Robyn's relationship with Sam gets more complicated after she meets Tom, a fellow at her AA meeting.

                            'Flack' episode 3 preview: Robyn's life is expected to spiral down further

Anna Paquin's 'Flack' has reached midway already with the third episode to be aired on Thursday.  Robyn's (Paquin) life has not seen much of a change in this time and the self-realization bit is only coming in fits and starts. We can expect the same in the third episode of the show as well. Robyn's habits stay the same, her equation with Sam, her boyfriend will also stay the same. What will be interesting is the introduction of Marc Warren as Tom. Tom also goes to the same AA meetings as Robyn, he used to be a ballerina, but his addiction to cocaine puts him through the shredder. Sparks are expected to fly between Robyn and Tom, and with the former, ready to push the self-destruct button ever so often, the upcoming episode will bring about the biggest conflict in Robyn's life. 



In the second episode, we also saw Robyn help Mark hide the fact that he was fired from his job from her sister Ruth. Robyn, who shares a very close relationship with her sister is hesitant initially but gets onboard once Mark explains how Ruth is when it comes to money matters. This would also explain Ruth's response to Robyn in the trailer of the show.  

Caroline, the boss who has maintained a perfect image of being an eccentric, yet demanding head will shed her glamorous persona in the third episode. She has a mind as sharp as a razor and she will use it when situations demand it. Robyn, who is a crisis strategist of the high order, will probably falter a step in handling a client in the upcoming episode for Caroline to come to the rescue. 


We will also have to wait and see if Robyn will confront her boyfriend about her not wanting to have a baby. She has so far been taking contraceptives without his knowledge and doesn't look ready to talk about the doubts that are plaguing her mind about parenting. She wonders if she will be as bad as her mother, and blurts it out to a complete stranger. Will she, however, have the courage to speak about it with Tom? The possibility of her having another affair, with her AA meeting buddy is only racking up further. 

There will also be another new character introduced in the upcoming episode. Abigail Reese played by Rebecca Scroggs is on the other end of the spectrum in the 'Flack' world. She is a journalist, someone that Robyn 'used' to know and there will be an interesting equation to look forward to. 




'Flack', also starring Sophie Okonedo, Lydia Wilson, Rebecca Benson and Arinze Kene airs every Thursday on Pop TV  at 10 pm EST.