Is Fivio Foreign okay? Fans worry about rapper's safety after Murda Beatz posts 'RIP' message on social media

Fivio Foreign fans have been wondering if the rapper is safe after a video circulated online that hinted he was shot in Atlanta

                            Is Fivio Foreign okay? Fans worry about rapper's safety after Murda Beatz posts 'RIP' message on social media
Fivio Foreign (Getty Images)

Fivio Foreign was set to perform in Eleven 45 in Atlanta on August 8 but tensions grew among his fans after it was reported that a shooting took place outside the club. While there were no updates on what had happened, fans of the rapper grew concerned after Canadian producer, Murda Beatz posted a picture that hinted the rapper has passed away. 

Murda posted a picture on his Snapchat with the caption, "Rap game fu*ked up. RIP Fivio". This post started a Twitter storm among the fans who thought that something has happened to the rapper. Many expressed their disappointment and cursed 2020 for being the worst year as they assumed another great talent was taken away too soon. The video that was being circulated in relation to this news showed many police cars outside the club. Another video showed a car's broken window after shots were fired. While it was unclear if Fivio was involved in the incident, fans wanted answers and were looking to find out if he was doing okay. 

Soon footage was also circulated on Twitter which claimed 'Fivio Foreign got shot in Atlanta'.



Luckily, Kenny Beats, a friend of Fivio, ensured the Internet that the rapper was alright and set all rumors straight. "I just got word that Fivio is OK," read the comment. Fans were pleased to find out that the rapper was safe but that did not stop them from going behind Murda, the person whose post spread the news like wildfire.



Murda was quick to acknowledge his mistake. Replying to Kenny's message he wrote, "Thank God". He further tried to make mends with the public as he wrote, "My deepest apologies. I got a call from a friend in Atlanta who gave me false information. Thank god he’s ok and sorry for posting without confirmation anyone I upset by my mistake."



However, people were not pleased with his apology as one comment, "He was so quick to be TMZ and show some fake love. Corny asf." "Murda Beatz a weirdo for coming on the internet saying rip to Fivio and he not even dead, shit causes un-needed panic," another added. 



"Murda Beatz a lame and definitely need his ass whooped. Spreading false information with a huge platform like that is just irresponsible," said another in his comment. Fivio has not yet commented on the incident. 

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