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Everything you need to know about Disney+, from its $6.99 price tag and release date to all the shows it will stream

After Apple's announcement about its streaming service Apple TV+,  Disney's investor day on Thursday revealed details about its own upcoming streamer Disney+.

It's been a big couple of weeks for the streaming giants out there. After Apple's announcement about its streaming service Apple TV+,  Disney's investor day on Thursday revealed details about its own upcoming streamer Disney+.

While there's a lot more to it than we know at this point, here are the 5 takeaways from the investor day: 

1. When will it launch and how much will it cost?


Disney is launching its streaming service on November 12 this year. This is around the same time that Apple TV+ is supposed to launch and be available to customers. As far as the subscription goes, it will be starting at a low price of $6.99 per month.  As of now, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix each cost $8.99 a month for their most basic plans while Netflix's premium 4K subscription is $15.99. With Disney already owning a huge stake in Hulu ($5.99 monthly for the basic, ad-supported version. The ad-free tier costs $11.99 a month) after the merger, Disney+ will be the cheapest thing around town.

Apart from the pricing per month, the subscription will also be available on an annual basis. Netflix does not sell an annual subscription and Amazon has an all-inclusive membership for $119 a year at present. Disney+ will give you an annual subscription for a price of $69.99 per year, around a $12 discount over paying monthly and it will be ad-free. 

2. Their content library will be massive

In his speech, CEO Bob Iger said that their goal was to "create great content and distribute in innovative ways. It's that simple." But content is the king, after all. Disney not only has its own massive library that includes some of the biggest blockbusters of our time as well as ESPN, ABC, Pixar, and Marvel. Marvel is an $18.5 billion film franchise and since March, it also has Fox. There's the already reported 'Loki' TV adaptation, an untitled 'Star Wars' live-action series that will explore the story prior to the events of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' as well as 'Star Wars: Mandalorian'. There's also Ericson Core-directed 'Togo' along with Julia Hart's 'Stargirl', and two films - 'Timmy Failure' and 'Noelle'. 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' and 'Solo' will also come on Disney+ when it launches. 'The Simpsons' will be exclusively available on Disney+.

There's also 'WandaVision', which will star Scarlet Witch (a.k.a. Wanda) and Vision, 'Falcon and Winter Soldier' which is between Captain America's BFF Bucky and Falcon. The 'Hawkeye' rumored series was not mentioned. As for Disney's own content like 'Avengers: Infinity War' from other platforms, they will be gone. Disney will have pulled out most of its content from Netflix since Disney has decided not to renew its contract with the competitor. 


It will also have 13 films that are classic Disney, like 'Bambi,' 'The Jungle Book,' 'Snow White and Seven Dwarfs' and 'Aladdin' on the day of the launch itself.  'Frozen 2' will also be coming to Disney+ exclusively. 18 of Pixar's movies will also be available on the very first day. 'Toy Story', 'Forky Asks A Question' and others will also be available to watch. 

As for documentaries, unscripted series and others, the streaming platform will have 'Encore!', 'Untitled Walt Disney Imagineering Documentary Series', 'Marvel's Hero Project', 'The World According to Jeff Goldblum', 'Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2', 'Magic of Animal Kingdom', 'Marvel's 616', '(Re)Connect', 'Rogue Trip', 'Shop Class', 'Earthkeepers' and, 'Ink & Paint'. According to the event, the platform will have 5,000 episodes of television on the very first day and within a year Disney plans to add 500 movies and 2,500 additional TV episodes to its archives.

3. It has plans for global expansion

Disney said it expects to have 60 to 90 million subscribers by the end of the fiscal year 2024, and it's also eyeing the Indian market to get its numbers up. With the Fox merger, Disney got its hand on Hotstar, which is an Indian streaming service. It has approximately 300 million active users per month which is twice Netflix's subscribers, which stand at a mere 150 million global users in comparison.

4. CEO Bob Iger may be stepping down 

Bob Iger attends the 91st Oscars Nominees Luncheon at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 04, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.

"I'm expecting my contract to expire at the end of 2021," Iger said in an investor Q&A after the event. "I’d say, ‘This time I mean it,' but I’ve said that before. I’ve been CEO since October 2005 and as I’ve said many times, there's a time for everything and 2021 will be time for me to finally step down." He was previously set to quit the position by 2018 but in March 2017, his contract was extended to July 2, 2019. In December 2017 it was extended again through the end of 2021.

Iger became Disney's president and  COO in 2000 and CEO in 2005. 

5. Disney+ will make a mark irrespective of its long term success


It's hard to point out who will reach the finish line when it comes to winning the streaming wars, but one thing is for sure - with everything that Disney+ has going for it, in comparison to Netflix, Apple TV+ and Amazon, this one will make a splash. With prices so cheap, it already is attractive to people who haven't even seen it yet. Disney+ is definitely being aggressive with its approach and as of now, it looks like it will succeed.