'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' fans put forward five baffling theories on what will happen in Part 3

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' fans put forward five baffling theories on what will happen in Part 3

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,' part 2 has come and gone but the surprising ending has triggered all the show's fans. There's hardly any Sabrina Spellman (KiernanShipka) and Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch) shippers left after Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood) sacrificed himself to save the world by trapping Lucifer (Luke Cook) in his body, thus redeeming himself after Sabrina found out that he was getting close to the half-witch only on the Dark Lord's command. Now that he is a hero this season, like he was in the first, when he stepped in to save Harvey and his family on Sabrina's behalf, fans can't wait to see what unfurls in the coming season as part 2 concluded with Sabrina telling her mortal friends "Let's go to hell and get my boyfriend back."

One thing is assured, Sabrina and her friends will go back to hell to rescue Nick, and we will see that in the first episode of Part 3, as revealed by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to Gavin Leatherwood in a recent interview. Even Luke Cook confirmed to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) that Sabrina and her friends are on their way to hell (duh). But given the baffling plot twist of Part 2 that no one saw coming was the revelation that Lucifer is Sabrina's father and she is prophecized to be the Herald of Hell. But there are some serious fan theories to study before Part 3 and 4 of 'CAOS' comes witching down on us. Choose your theories as you may choose your battles.

1. Sabrina has a twin

Sabrina may have a twin as shown in season 1 (Netflix)

This theory hasn't been ruled out despite the revelation that Sabrina is the Dark Lord's child. Taking us back to the pilot episode where Sabrina has a vision of her parents cooing over two babies: one with hooves and another one with normal baby feet, many opined that the theory of an "evil" twin is as integral to the show as it was with the 90s' sitcom 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. Addressed as the "Spellman secret", it was believed that every Spellman has an evil twin and Sabrina back then met her evil twin, Katrina, in season 3. In 'CAOS', the idea of twins played off when Leticia was born along with her brother, and according to Father Blackwood, the twins are made to wed to "purify" the Blackwood bloodline.


So the idea that Sabrina has an evil twin is still not dismissed. Reddit user Shitface4 believes that the twin twist is kept for season 3, and she will be in Hell. Fans predict that this twin, named Sabrina Morningstar, will be more loyal to Satan and prove to be a problem for Sabrina on her mission to kill Lucifer.

2. Goodbye the Church of Night and hail the Church of Lilith

Michelle Gomez as Madam Satan

Thanks to Madam Satan teaming up with Sabrina Spellman, the patriarchal rule of Father Blackwood under the Dark Lord's command is over. Since Lucifer dismissed Father Blackwood and appointed Sabrina as the new High Priestess, Father Blackwood poisoned everyone in the Church of Night and fled with his twins. Ambrose and Prudence embark on a mission to kill him, but more importantly, the Church of the Night is now replaced by the Church of Lilith and Zelda has taken over as the High Priestess. All hail women power! According to Luke Cook, Lucifer would look at the Church of Lilith and say"adorable," in a very condescending manner.


3. Lucifer will die by the Spear of Longinus

Sabrina Spellman and Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer may be in Nick's body but that isn't the end of him. After the Spellmans' fail to kill the Dark Lord, he immediately discloses that the Spear of Longinus is the only way to kill Satan. Satan is hot and all but definitely not that smart! Sabrina, the powerful and smart witch that she is, will find the spear and kill Satan. Reddit users believe that the spear will be used in the series finale to kill Lucifer for good. Another user opines that the spear will be used—but not to kill Lucifer, rather Nick, who will release Lucifer. "Theory: The first attempt at killing Satan with the spear will be like when Buffy stabbed Angel with the sword in episode Becoming, Part 2. Only it will be Sabrina stabbing Nick with the spear. Satan will escape somehow."


4. God is next

Reddit user quipped "since Angels have been introduced, I think after killing Lucifer, they might have to kill God," which makes complete sense. Angels were introduced in a baffling new light in season 2, and Sabrina could kill the two angels with her newfound Satanic powers. Reddit users have guessed what's next and they sure think God is the next villain, and Harvey's tarot reading hinted at the "Great Old Gods."

5. Nick Scratch is the Devil

Sabrina with Nicholas Scratch (Netflix)

Sure, Nick has been possessed by Lucifer, but it could all be an act. Afterall it was clear from the first season itself that the handsome warlock was not afraid of the Dark Lord. "Old Scratch" and "Old Nick" are both names for the Devil. He keeps correcting people who try to call him "Nicholas," insisting that they call him "Nick", points out one Reddit user. As Sabrina prepares to rescue Nick from Hell, she may just rescue Lucifer and it could just be a Devil's play. All of it.

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