Fiona Grey's 'Cult Classic' is exactly where dirty pop meets indie electro

The Los Angeles vocal sensation is bringing her "dirty pop" to a whole new level by merging it with the unrealistic expectations of her songs.

                            Fiona Grey's 'Cult Classic' is exactly where dirty pop meets indie electro

Los Angeles vocal phenomenon, Fiona Grey, has dropped her new album 'Cult Classic'. The six-track EP features upbeat dance anthems. Produced by Grammy award-winning Mike Schuppan (Paramore, M83) and mastered by Dave Cooley (Fitz & The Tantrums, Stone Temple Pilots), the release vocalizes cultural issues and expresses Grey’s vulnerability and anger towards the world we are living in and her desires for the world we are shaping.

Grey has been writing and performing music with Los Angeles as her backdrop. Originally from Chicago, Grey utilizes the earnest nature of her raw vocal quality and defines her sound as “dirty pop,” teased by shades of sultry, soulful melodies.  

Drawing inspiration from the world of Hollywood, it’s unrealistic expectations and the vices that people use as a form of escapism, Grey hopes that her music will help listeners aim to be the purest and honest versions of themselves.

"There is a lot about living in a pop culture centered world that we deem as ‘normal behavior’. I hope that the music can remind the listener that this follower-centric, alternate persona universe we live in is all temporary happiness,” reveals the songstress who is known for her dynamic glittery performances.  


Grey’s EP 'Cult Classic' is packed with powerful storytelling and imaginative visuals. Grey admits, “Each song has its own identity and story it wants to tell”. Sonically the EP is built around organic instrumentation, fusing modern electronic soundscapes while ensuring that the production doesn’t take away from the honesty of the music. Featuring string arrangements, full choirs, and authentic instruments, the release delivers listeners with a dynamic and dimensional experience. Having been described by Galore Magazine as “bringing Hollywood glamour to a sultry story of love, drugs, and vanity” and adding theatrical elements, Grey is essentially the Elizabeth Taylor of the modern pop music industry.


Leading single ‘Money’ focuses on the cultural infatuation with pop culture and the hierarchy of the “influencer era” universe we live in. The bold single is a clear indication of Grey’s staple sound of ‘dirty pop’, using dramatic strings and powerful lyricism to underscore it’s powerful message. Another stand-out track on the EP, ‘Dirty Dream,’ showcases the range of Grey’s songwriting. It's an upbeat track portraying the obsessive tendencies we have with falling in and out of love. “It’s a dance through the breakup type song”, admits Grey.


Grey has found success performing on some of the world’s biggest stages including Ravina (Chicago), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles) and Irving Plaza (New York). She has also had airplay on tastemaker stations such as KCRW, as well as having toured internationally including heading three successful European tours.