'Find Love Live': Luke makes his choice but women fans want the 'choco lava boy' all for themselves

The Season premiere of 'Find Love Live' had people wishing the show had come sooner as the show introduces Luke to the world

                            'Find Love Live': Luke makes his choice but women fans want the 'choco lava boy' all for themselves
Find Love Live (TLC)

'Find Love Live' took a spin on the dating show as it involved singles looking to mingle from their couch while also involving viewers to participate by voting. The latest episode (May 10) introduced singleton Luke who was trying to look for a girl with whom he could spend his time. 

Luke would come out as an allrounder once he started narrating his life experience. The 30-year-old revealed he is a retired football player and had also been a wrestler.

However, he turned things around a bit as now as he wants to give back to the community and is currently a teacher. Luke revealed he loved to travel and was looking for someone who would do the same. 

The show allowed him to meet two beautiful women, Yazmin and Beute. Luke was allowed to ask them some questions to get an idea about the type of people they were.

The first question that Luke asked was what would they be if they were a dessert. Beute stated she would be chocolate-coated strawberry and would love for Luke to feed her some. 

Meanwhile, Luke asked Yazmin how would she keep him entertained if they went out for camping. Yazmin revealed she would keep him entertained inside and outside the tent. She stated they could go for a run or hikes while adding she would make his night fun. Luke seemed excited to hear these answers but the girls were not done yet. 

Beute wanted to know what dessert would he be and Luke revealed he would be choco lava cake because he was like that in person, hard from the outside but soft from the inside. He added that he was also messy. While Luke ended up picking Yazmin as his choice, women watching the show seemed to want him for themselves. 

"This show is wild!! getting hot n steamy up in here with luke!" read one comment. "I LOVE Luke's subtle yet hysterical sense of humor! He is hot and sweet, a rare combination!!" another wrote. "Do I have a coronavirus fever, or is Luke making me HOT," another added.

Some could not believe they missed out on him as the comment read, "America how did we miss on LUKE." Another wanted a little help from others to find Luke as the comment read, "umm, America, can we find out Luke’s IG? Pleaseeeeee." While it may look like Luke has made his choice, it seems like others want him too. 

'Find Love Live' airs on Sundays at 11 pm ET on TLC.

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