'Find Love Live': After spoiling her daughters, sMothered's Sandra is ready to find someone who will spoil her

Sandra is back on reality television but this time she is coming to find someone who can love her and of course, her daughter is there by her side

                            'Find Love Live': After spoiling her daughters, sMothered's Sandra is ready to find someone who will spoil her
Mariah and Sandra (TLC)

The latest episode (August 3) of the show saw a familiar face coming on screen. Sandra, who is known for appearing on 'sMothered' alongside her daughter, Mariah, came on the show to find someone she loves. Sandra has been trying to find the right guy for herself but has not managed to chance upon someone who understands her like the way she hopes. 

Luckily for her, she now had the help from host Suki and Mariah. For anyone who has seen 'sMothered', one would know the bond this mother-daughter pair shares. Right from getting lip fillers together to going to a strip club, there is nothing off-limits for them. So seeing Mariah next to her mother seemed about right for everyone who has seen them on the show. 

Meanwhile, Sandra too had some thoughts about the type of man she wanted in her life. After having spoiled her daughter, Sandra admitted that she was ready to find someone who would spoil her. Keeping this in mind, Suki brought three men who she thought would make a perfect match for Sandra. The first person to appear was Antony who is a flight attendant, the second option for Sandra was Jose who is a technician while the third option was Don, a fitness instructor. Sandra was happy to see the options in front of her and decided to ask a couple of questions to make up her mind. 

Her questions ranged from finding out if the men dated someone older or younger to them and knowing more about what they like. After asking a couple of questions, Sandra decided to bid Don goodbye. To Sandra's surprise, her ex-husband Adrian appeared on the show and stated that she deserves a man who loves her. Andrei admitted that he was not able to give Sandra the happiness she deserves but was looking forward to someone who could. As the episode progressed, Jose and Anthony had to answer rapid-fire questions in which Sandra asked about their thoughts on fetishes and road trips, among other things. 

Once she heard all the answers, Sandra let Mariah make the decision for her. After some thinking, Mariah chose Anthony for her mother as she thought he was the perfect one for her. 

'Find Love Live' airs on Mondays at 11 pm ET on TLC.

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