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'Find Love Live': Jerome sweeps Chiana off her feet with his looks and honesty, talks about having babies too

While there were three men to choose from, Jerome, who was a surprise entry, managed to win her heart

Chiana has been single for nearly four years but she is all set to get her heart stolen by the perfect man. Chiana made it clear that she was someone who thought that looks mattered as much as personality. Without wasting any time, Chiana was given three options to choose from. She had to decide between Lance, Daniel and Vince. 

The trio was asked different questions to make sure that Chiana had enough information when she had to make up her mind about choosing someone. These questions ranged from what would they do if they found out that Chiana made more money than them to if they would choose sex over being away from social media for six months. Throughout the show, Chiana had made it clear that she was career-driven and was looking for a man who shared the same thoughts. After hearing all the answers, Chiana decided to say goodbye to Daniel. Seeing Daniel smoke a cigar, Chiana thought he was not the right fit for her. She tried to explain that she is someone who doesn't smoke or drink and they may not be the perfect match. 

While Lance and Vince thought they were the only ones in the game, little did they know there would be a surprise coming their way. Host Suki revealed there was another person who wanted to be a part of the show. She introduced Jerome into the picture. Chiana was shocked to see him as the two had known each other before. Chiana decided to say goodbye to Lance and keep Jerome instead. The chemistry between them was visible and everyone knew that Vince was slowly losing his chances. One factor that made everyone fall in love with Jerome was his honesty. One of the questions that Chiana asked was if they had ever cheated on someone because she had been cheated on before. 

While Vince said he hadn't, Jerome admitted he did when he was young. He made it clear that he was young and stupid but was mature and grown-up now. Chiana and the audience loved that Jerome chose to tell the truth. In the last bid to convince Chiana that she should pick him, he made it clear that he would put all his efforts to make sure she is happy while adding that they could have babies together. His speech finally worked out as Chiana chose Jerome over Vince. She stated that she preferred someone as ambitious as her and Jerome seemed to tick that category. Fortunately, the audience was happy with her pick. 

'Find Love Live' airs on Mondays at 11 pm ET on TLC.