'Find Love Live': Fans root for Clavacia and urge Shae to pick him as her date for his 'good personality'

Find Love Live aired its first episode and the premiere already has people arguing about who would be Mr Perfect for Sha’monique

                            'Find Love Live': Fans root for Clavacia and urge Shae to pick him as her date for his 'good personality'

TLC hosted a dating show that viewers and people participating in the show can have it all just by sitting on their couch. 'Find Love Live' had viewers all hooked as they had to decide who would be the perfect person for Sha’monique aka Shae.

Shae had to pick between Clavacia and Jasun in the given time frame while seeking help from viewers on who would be the perfect fit for her. Shae decided to ask some questions before deciding who would be the perfect man for her.

She was clear from the start that she wanted a man who was good and caring. It seemed like fans were convinced that Clavacia was ticking all the boxes for her. The first question that Shae had in mind was how these guys would help her fill the physical void that she has during the quarantine. 

Clavacia revealed he loves to write poetry and would write one every day until they met to make sure it was turned into a journal that would reveal all his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Jasun said he would write songs for her and tell her all the things he would do to her. Shae also wanted to know one good feature about their body apart from what was in their pants. 

Jasun said it is his lips and age — a good view of how they are as he came closer to the camera. Meanwhile, Clavacia thought his hair was his best feature as he was proud of his waves. Fans were quick to fall in love with Clavacia and thought he was perfect for Shae. "Clavacia seems like he has a good personality," read one comment. 

Another wrote, "Clavacia is is is glowing — you know who to choose." Another wrote, "The Live version of dating online is exciting. #teamclavacia has a lot of class and education. I was torn and I believe Jasun messed himself up when he was joining."

Another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "#teamClavacia #FindLoveLive You better pick the nicer guy-girl! And tone it down, girl!! You looking for a real connection or just a booty call?" Fans finally got what they wanted as Shae ended up choosing Clavacia. She was happy with her choice and Jasun knew this was not the end for him.

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