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'Find Love Live': Chris tries to woo Yolanda with his 'I don't rape' comment, fans say creep should leave show

Yolanda had to choose between Chris, Brion and Brandon but Chris' comment had people wanting him out even before he started
Find Love Live (TLC)
Find Love Live (TLC)

Yolanda, 40, has been looking for someone who understands and appreciates her but when it comes to dating, she has not been lucky. Trying to test live dating, Yolanda appeared in the latest episode (July 6) of 'Find Love Live' in the hope of finally finding someone. 

Speaking to host Suki, Yolanda shared a little bit about herself and said that she is a singer and loves musicals but hates dating apps. Diving into the conversation of why she hates dating apps, Yolanda revealed her experience where she had spoken to a guy and they were to go on a date. However, before going on the date, Yolanda decided to google search him and found out that he had been arrested for sexual assault. Yolanda admitted that was the last time she tried to find love online. Despite this experience, Yolanda was ready to give love another shot as she appeared on the show. 

Yolanda was introduced to three men — Chris, Brion and Brandon. All three of them were given the chance of introducing themselves and Chris happened to disappoint many with his statement. Poking fun at the incident that occurred with Yolanda, Chris said, "I don't rape, you are safe over here." Suki and Yolanda were left shocked by this statement and so were the viewers. They were quick to point out how it was time for Chris to get out of the show. "Get Rid Of Chris 'I Don't Rape'... Who says that," one said. "Chris with the joke about rape is a bad line!" said another. 

"Creepy Chris gotta go," said another. With many people trying to warn Yolanda, she decided to let Brandon go. This left her with Brion and Chris. Yolanda went on to ask a series of questions to the two to make her decision easier. 

Some of the questions that she asked revolved around one thing that makes them nervous, what would be the reason for them to skip a date, and how long have they waited to have sex with someone. After hearing all the answers Yolanda decided to go with Chris. Even though Brion had the most votes by the people, Yolanda thought she would settle for someone funny. 

It looks like Chris managed to redeem himself and win Yolanda's heart but the viewers were not impressed as one wrote, "Omg wow Yolanda picked Chris... Women no accounting for taste... didn't he say something Abt rape, then would put sleep ahead of dating Yolanda... gawd #TLC & Yolanda's... O well, I give up #FindLoveLive girl u should HV keep Brandon."

Another wrote, "Why do women always make bad decisions. Lol! The WHOLE COUNTRY says pick #Brion and she picks #Chris." Some even pointed out that Chris had appeared on 'Temptation Island' but had not managed to find someone perfect for him. Looking at Yolanda and Chris's chemistry, let's hope their relationship blossoms into something wonderful. 

'Find Love Live' airs on Mondays at 11 pm ET on TLC.