'Find Love Live': Allie tweaks show for blind dates and focuses on personality instead of looks, fans love it

Allie has been focusing on looks for a long time but now, she is taking a different route and focusing on personality instead

                            'Find Love Live': Allie tweaks show for blind dates and focuses on personality instead of looks, fans love it
Suki and Allie (TLC)

Allie is beautiful and bold but one thing she has found it hard to find is the right person who she would be compatible with. While Allie has often gone for people based on their looks, this time, she wanted to do things differently. The makeup artist admitted that she wanted to settle for a man who shared the same thoughts as her. 

Right from having a family to owning a house together, Allie was ready to jump into a relationship that is serious and meaningful. To make sure she is looking at the personality and not the looks, Allie decided to do things differently. Speaking to host Suki, Allie revealed that she did not want to see the men in the show until she chose someone. The idea of this was for her to finally like someone for who they are than for how they look. As the show progressed, Allie had three options — Joshua, Drew and Anthony. All three men brought their A-game to the show and were all set to answer the questions she had in store for them. 

Allie was clever enough to make her questions fit for a blind date. Right from asking about which actor they resembled to questioning them about how they would describe their face, Allie seemed to ask everything she needed to get an idea of how they looked. At the same time, her questions also revolved knowing more about what each of them liked to do during their free time and one compliment they would like to give her that was not related to her looks. 

As the show progressed, Allie got a chance to know more about the men. Towards the end, each of them had a chance to make one last speech to win Allie's heart. While everyone delivered flattering remarks, Joshua was the one that she picked. Allie thought she loved his personality and believed they would be compatible. As Allie found her man, fans thought that the new concept was a good addition to the show.

"#Findlovelive love the new blind format," wrote one user. "I think I like the blind thing. lol it makes you go for the personality," said another. "I LOVE that they're doing this blind. We, as a society, are way too focused on looks and not enough on substance," read another comment. 

'Find Love Live' airs on Mondays at 11 pm ET on TLC.

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