'Final Space' season 1 recap and what to look forward to in the next installment

'Final Space' season 1 recap and what to look forward to in the next installment

'Final Space' did not take a long time in becoming a fan favorite. In the world of animated sci-fi comedy, this is difficult considering how mammoths like 'Rick & Morty' reign supreme. But Olan Rogers' action-packed space drama built an audience for itself and now, the series is set for the second season.



Set to premiere on June 24, 2019, on Adult Swim the second season of 'Final Space' looks bigger, better and intense. A boisterous yet inept astronaut, Gary Godspeed finds and befriends a mysterious planet-destroying alien who he names Mooncake (both characters voiced by creator Olan Rogers). The duo, along with the ship's computer H.U.E and an army of loyal robots [also with the evil forces from Lord Commander chasing them], embarks on a fast-paced quest to save the universe from falling apart - all the while trying to uncover the mystery of final space.


Gary and his fearless, brave friends are now all set to cross the breach and get the answers they have been looking for on the other side. Throughout the first season, we have seen Lord Commander chase Gary adamant on taking Mooncake back. But going by the trailers of the second series, these threats are nothing in the face of what is coming up for the gang in the second season.

If you haven't caught up on the first season, there is still time to do so considering how the second season premieres on June 24. If not, here is a little recap and what you can look forward to in the second season.

The intense climax to the first season showed us that the evil Lord Commander's quest for Titan-hood backfired horribly and resulted in the cosmic snatching of the entire planet. This end was a shocking, yet brilliant way to end the series with and opens a lot of possibilities for the second season. 



What are the intentions of the massive galactic hand that pierced the breach and grabbed the entire planet in their hand? Is there even the slightest possibility that the world can be saved? If so, how? What is Gary's role in all of this? Will this breach affect the human population? Will they ever be the same after this?

This is one of the prevalent questions about the second season. Fans are keen to see how the fate of the show's protagonists unfold but more than that, they want to know where Earth is headed and how will Gary and his company bring the planet back to its place in the universe.

Our guess is as good as yours, but we're thinking this is going to be some intergalactic battle for survival.

The trailer to the second season shows that the series is not just taking place in Gary's cell. Season two seems to have branched out when it comes to locations - the trailer shows the group in underground caverns, boundless desert plains and cyberpunk cities.  In the second season, the show goes beyond the cramped up spaceship environment we first meet Gary in.

Gary, Mooncake, Quinn, Avocato, Little Cato and KVN are on their way to unlock the mysteries of the universe, but in the second season, they are not just by themselves and are joined by characters that we can't say are fully safe to hand out with. 

And the supposedly dead characters of the show: our dearest Avocato, Mustache Gary and Future Quinn - is Avocato really dead or will he make a return in the second season? What else does the Future Quinn know that we do not know? 

Towards the end of the first season, we were introduced to the omnipresent Bolo (voiced by Keith David). It is through him that we know of the demonic, sinister comic rulers The Titans. It goes without saying that Titans don't always bring peace and harmony, and in most cases, are bad news. Going by the trailer, 'Final Space' is no exception.  

How powerful really is Mooncake? Does Gary's father have a bigger role to play? Does the Lord Commander ascend to becoming a Titan? We will get these and more answers, beginning June 24, 2019. 

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