Joe Manganiello talks about new star-studded project, scripted true crime podcast ‘The Angel Of Vine’, and his fascination with noir

Joe Manganiello along with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars take on a newer form of storytelling in the scripted true crime podcast ‘The Angel Of Vine’

                            Joe Manganiello talks about new star-studded project, scripted true crime podcast ‘The Angel Of Vine’, and his fascination with noir

One of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, Joe Manganiello, has a new project unlike any he has done before called ‘The Angel Of Vine’. Created by Ryan Martz and Oliver Vaquer, ‘The Angel Of Vine’ is a 10-episode scripted true crime podcast about a journalist who uncovers the audio tapes of a 1950s private eye who cracked the greatest unsolved mystery in Hollywood.

MEAWW spoke to Manganiello, who was drawn to the project because of the fascinating way that writer and co-creator Vaquer told the story, along with his fascination of detective stories and the noir genre.

“The writing was absolutely top notch. It was a page turner that kept me intrigued all the way. I also loved the theatrical convention of the found tapes. I thought that was a brilliant way into the story. Also, I'm a fan of detective stories and the noir genre and especially ones in which they converge in old Los Angeles. I especially love the archetypical characters namely the ‘me against the world’ justice-seeking, obsessive-at-work character that I got to play,” Manganiello said.

This was a new medium for Manganiello and most of the actors in the podcast, which included Mike Colter (‘Luke Cage’), Misha Collins (‘Supernatural'), Alfred Molina (‘Feud’), Constance Zimmer (‘House of Cards’), Khary Payton (‘The Walking Dead’), Alan Tudyk (‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’) and Camilla Luddington (‘Grey’s Anatomy’). Taking aspects from different types of storytelling, Manganiello expanded on the similarities and differences he found in this project and in the medium of podcasting as a whole.

“The process of shooting was actually similar to a film shoot. The script was such a great actor’s piece that we didn't want to stop and start. Each take was its own unique scene with its own nuances because it was two actors sitting across the table from each other going at it. I've shot whole animated films over a year's time and never met my co-stars until the premiere, so, this was completely different because of the complexity and layers of the material," he added.

While Manganiello has played cops before, he had never played one in a period-noir narrative. He got to explore different sides of this type of character, which has evolved over the years.

“This genre is pretty specific. Like I mentioned before, there are classic archetypical characters that share traits with each other in every noir detective story. I've played cops and law enforcement officers before but never in period noir, which like I said, I love. So that was really fun. I also think the beauty of the character is that he is a tough guy that doesn't need to beat around the bush with anyone. He gets right to the point and is allowed to use tactics to get what he wants that aren't allowed by todays social standards, ie: the threat of violence. I always love it when I get to play a character who is obsessed with the truth and isn't afraid of anyone or anything in the pursuit of it.”

After Manganiello’s experience on ‘The Angel Of Vine’, he is a huge fan of this form of storytelling and truly had the experience of a lifetime.

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“I'm a big proponent for theater of the mind and I'm a big fan of doing multiple things at once. A radio play like this ticks both of those boxes. Additionally, Oliver wrote a brilliant piece of material and then handed it off to me to interpret and make it mine. It was an honor to be given the reigns on material as good as this and I'm grateful for his trust in me.”

Episode one of ‘The Angel Of Vine’ launches November 14 across all podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, with new episodes debuting every Wednesday until the finale on January 16, 2019. Stitcher Premium has exclusive airdates to episodes, making 'The Angel of Vine' available for binge listening.