Who are 'Fight for Our Schools'? Virginia parents want board members ousted over 'infectious' Critical Race Theory

A campaign ad was released on Twitter on Tuesday by 'Fight for Our Schools,' a coalition made up of thousands of affluent parents

                            Who are 'Fight for Our Schools'? Virginia parents want board members ousted over 'infectious' Critical Race Theory
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Parents in Virginia's Loudoun County have launched a campaign ad to force members of a Virginia school board to resign after the board promised to instill Critical Race Theory in their children. The campaign ad was released on Twitter on Tuesday by 'Fight for Our Schools,' a coalition made up of thousands of parents from the affluent county, where the median household income is $142,299. 

After a year of struggling with school cuts and distance learning, the Loudoun County school board decided to concentrate on 'infecting our schools with race theory,' according to a voiceover the ad starts with. It also accuses board members of 'plotting war' against parents who oppose it, and for labeling them as racists in a Facebook group. Here's all you need to know about 'Fight for Our Schools'.


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Who are Fight for Our Schools?

Fight for Our Schools lists itself as a "political organization" on its Facebook page. "Fight for Schools is a non-partisan political action committee focused on electing common sense candidates that commit to policies that support equal opportunity, tolerance, meritocracy and achievement," its website says.

The group is owned by Ian Prior, who is executive director of Fightforschools.com, co-founder of Dailymalarkey.com, and a former senior official in the Trump Department of Justice. "Loudoun County Public Schools is following suit with its push to re-adjust the racial composition of Loudoun Academies with lower standards in order to reduce the high Asian population to make it more equitable for Black students," he said to Fox News.


Speaking about Critical Race Theory, Prior says: "It has no place in Virginia and that is why I joined with several parents across the ideological spectrum to start a new political action committee called Fightforschools.com. If our local government will not operate with transparency and responsiveness, then we will use the legal process to remove them and elect a new school board."

According to Critical Race Theory, American institutions, language, culture, meritocracy, and the liberal political system are all systemically oppressive and need to be radically changed, the website states. "In our schools, these changes are implemented in two ways. At the system level, merit-based achievement and admissions are being stifled in order to bring high achieving students back to the pack in the name of “equity.” Then, in staff trainings and the classroom, teachers and students are pressured to see everything through the lens of race and to treat individuals as part of a socially constructed demographic, rather than as unique individuals," it says.

"Simply put, our schools are teaching children to judge people NOT by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin," it adds.

CRT has recently been implemented in a number of public and private schools throughout the United States, but the move has caused heated debate, the Daily Mail reported. Loudoun County School board members have been listed as members of the 'Anti-racist parents of Loudoun County' Facebook forum, according to Fox News.

"We have seen this taken to a dangerous extreme in Loudoun County where a private Facebook group called "The Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County" began a campaign to list fellow parents and punish them for speaking out against critical race theory in schools," Prior said. "The activities of this group – now known nationally as Chardonnay Antifa – have opened a Pandora’s Box for Loudoun County Public Schools."

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