Cypress massacre: Feng Lu, 58, arrested 8 years after wiping out boss’s entire family as he was denied promotion

Cypress massacre: Feng Lu, 58, arrested 8 years after wiping out boss’s entire family as he was denied promotion
Feng Lu killed his boss's entire family, including his two sons, in 2014 (Harris County Sheriff's Office)

CYPRUS, TEXAS: Feng Lu, 58, who was accused of killing his boss' family of four in 2014 after being denied a job promotion, has been arrested in San Francisco, California, after arriving on a flight from China on September 11, 2022. He now faces capital murder charges.

According to Daily Beast, Feng allegedly murdered his boss Maoye Sun, 50, his wife Mei Xie, 49, and their two sons — Titus, 9, and Timothy, 7, on January 24, 2014. They were all shot in the head in different bedrooms. The case remained unsolved for more than eight years until September 11 when Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced his investigators had identified a suspect in a statement on Twitter. He wrote, "On Sunday, 9-11-22, HCSO Homicide Investigators charged Feng Lu (5-5-64, 58 yoa) with Capital Murder in the shooting death of the four members of the Sun family. Feng Lu was arrested by @SFPD @CBP @HSI_HQ after arriving from China. He was transported to the San Mateo County Jail where he is being held pending extradition to Texas."


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Stating the reason behind the brutal killing, the criminal complaint filed in the Harris County District Clerk's Office mentioned that Feng used to work alongside Maoye at Cameron International Corporation, an oil and gas company now under Schlumberger Limited, where Maoye was a mechanical engineer. Feng wanted to transfer to the company's research and development section and asked Maoye for a recommendation, as per the Houston Chronicle. Maoye reportedly assured Feng that he made the recommendation. However, Feng felt the next day, his colleagues treated him differently which led him to think that Maoye made derogatory remarks and "may have been the reason he didn't get the promotion." Following this, Feng bought a gun in January 2014 at a gun store in west Houston, as per the report. 

Investigators had the gun evidence and collected DNA, but could not trace the killer. Then, in early 2022, they tested an old purse found in the victims' house via a new DNA software called STRmix, which helps to separate DNA strands of multiple people at the crime scene. And through this, they got evidence that led them to Feng, as per ABC.

The report by Daily Beast suggests that the killing had baffled friends and family for years. And there was a $70K reward for anyone who provided information. David Cao, a board member of the Houston Chinese Alliance, questioned, "If this guy did it—how dare he come back? Was Fang in China for all of the past eight years? Had he traveled to and from the US during that time? When had authorities focused on him? There’s so much we do not know at this moment. But I hope justice will be done for this family. I just can’t believe it. How can a human being do this? Wiping out an entire family?”

The investigation remains ongoing and police have urged anyone with information to contact their Homicide Unit at 713-274-9100 or CrimeStoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

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