Teacher had sex with minor student in car after driving to park, made him touch her vagina in class, police say

Teacher had sex with minor student in car after driving to park, made him touch her vagina in class, police say
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An Australian teacher allegedly drove a teen student to a western Sydney park after school and climbed on top of him to have sex in her car. The new details emerged after a police statement of facts were presented in court that stated Monica Elizabeth Young had intercourse with the underage boy in her car. The 23-year-old teacher, who is also engaged, was arrested in July over ten charges, including multiple counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child, aged between 14 and 16, over a span of weeks. According to the material produced before the court, detectives on the case have obtained CCTV footage that allegedly shows the Geography teacher’s car approaching the park. However, the recordings did not reportedly show what exactly happened inside the car. Young, who was released from jail on Friday, August 21, has denied any wrongdoing, the New South Wales Supreme Court heard as reported by The Daily Mail.

The local police have also stated another occasion and alleged that the victim put his hands inside Young's tights and fondled her vagina in a classroom. Last month, the teacher was also slapped with charges that include two counts of sexually touching a child intentionally and inciting a minor to touch her sexually. Police said that the incident may have been be witnessed by another student, whom they described in court as a “potential witness”. But a court has heard that the other student has refused to give his statement before the police and a lawyer is representing him.

Young was given bail on August 20, after she remained in jail for a month. She has no criminal history. Her barrister Ian Lloyd QC quoted from the police fact sheet before the NSW Supreme Court at the hearing and said: “(The victim) says she placed his hand down her tights. It's then said this was captured by CCTV which shows the victim's arm outstretched, his hand hidden under the table. That's the true statement of what the CCTV shows. It does not show any sexual assault.”

Besides, Lloyd also mentioned another incident where his client connected with the student on Snapchat as she lied on the bed saying “I'm waiting for him”. The barrister added that the message did not show any sexual activity as she was wearing clothes. Defending Young on another incident, Lloyd gave the reasons why the teacher was found with a tube of lubricant. “My strong instructions are the complainant was with other boys and there was some giggling going on. And she saw him with the tube of lubricant and confiscated from him ... you may well think that's appropriate to do,” he told the court.

But the Crown challenged the bail stating that the case against the accused “is not weak at all” and was supported by the CCTV footage. Prosecutor Scott Jaegar also said that Young could harm the victim. While Supreme Court Justice Stephen Campbell said the accusations against Young were “frankly shocking”. However, he gave bail to her with some conditions - she will be in a house arrest, and if she breached the conditions, her family has to pay $850,000.


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